Messages received through Digitaria

channeled messages received through Digitaria

June 2002

Hi All, here's a page filled with channeled material that was received by Digitaria. I know this might get confusing, so let me explain. On the page
Digitaria you can read about Digitaria in the meaning pertaining to the star Sirius B. If you want to know more about that head up there.
I got to know a woman from England who, unlike me, didn't feel like taking on a name of a monkey. She decided to use the name of this star when she receives messages from various energies. This name, Digitaria, was given by the dogon people and it means something like 'the smallest seed' that they knew of.
Normally I only use excerpts from channeled messages and I refer to the original sources, but since no original source is available either on paper or digital, we decided to place the messages on this page, which, if everything goes well, will be regurarly updated. I needed some time to get used to the terminology that is used in Digitaria's messages. If you don't feel comfortable with some terms try to replace them with words that suit you better (e.g. use 'Creator' if you think words like 'Our Father' sound too Christian). I think it is worthwhile. From June onwards the latest messages will be placed on top of the page.
It is possible to get into contact with Digitaria, and you can do that by clicking on the bridge at the bottom of the page!

We hope you get inspired by these messages, and let us know what you think!
Digitaria and Gibbon, a co-production!

Progress Of the Soul

I would like you to know what happens to the Soul as it passes through death into the Spiritual Heavens. You will learn that the journey of the Soul is unique as the individual. When a Soul leaves itís physical body it has immediate awareness of itís new condition. The Soul now asserts itself. You now possess all your minds memories in your Soul. You would see your Sprit body as you look now with your spiritual eyes. The image you would see would be yourself only perfect, and without reminder of any physical earth defect carried in life. The Spiritual body varies only in countenance, as a Love indicator within the Soul.

Love in most cases is absent from their Soul, and is apparent in their appearance. The Spirit body is perfect and could not be as perfect incarnate. The cause of death makes no difference to the now perfect spiritual body. I know you want to keep your tattoo but you cant. Would you want your scars and physical pain also? I know what the attachment is to you. I will endeavour to teach you how an active thought form can achieve the desired effect. Although this is not very common. .As you are in truth to Our Father in Heaven, it does serve with purpose, and as such you have been permitted to keep the Alpha and Omega symbol. Even in the Celestial Heavens. No manifestation of such will be seen on entering into the Spiritual Kingdom.

The time of Death is known only by God. There is always Celestial presence when a Spirit passes into death. Love will reach out to you, Love is the signal whereby immediate family members are made aware of your imminent arrival from the physical to the spiritual. Love and instruction is sent to the Celestial guardian of that one. They in turn communicate Gods Will to the Love linked, of the newly departed spirit. This occurs without fail, irrespective of cause of death. In all cases where death is sudden, un-expected and not from physical natural causes, then additional aid is employed. Depending on the mental and intellectual anxiety associated with the passing from one existence into another. The necessary help and guidance is the Harmony and Will of God, and is provided so the departed spirit may progress in security and love. Associated family members may or may not have received the newbirth and possess the Divine Love. This is why it is very important you know where you intend to progress. Be it as your family, maybe based on their experience through the Spiritual Heaven. Or as Divine and redeemed Children of the One True God in Heaven. This will be determined by your Soul understanding and Spiritual influence on your arrival into spirit.

So I say seek first God the Father and all other things will be added unto you. Understand this is a great time of need for the departed spirit. The first assertion of the Soul. This time more than any other can bring you into union with God the Father. Your Soul can commune directly with that of the Father. Only longing of the Soul will be heard during this time, if these longings are for Love then Gods Holy Spirit will un-failingly respond to that seeking and receptive Soul. Unless a Soul be born again he will never see the Kingdom of Heaven. Seek with all your Soul the moment you enter into death. All those whom seek the Divine Love of the Father will not be forsaken. He offers his Divine and transforming Love enter your Soul. His Harmony requires only that you notice and respond to your Souls emptiness within. Seek only his Love and you will not be witholden

You have received this communication as I intended. I am very pleased, delighted with your progress and Soul understanding. I am your brother Jesus. You are my Sister and friend. I am with you often impressing you with thoughts of Love and spiritual things. You will receive many more communications of the Higher Truths as your Soul and possession of the Divine Love increases. You are always loved, as you were before by those connected to you in love. You are my Sister in Truth and the Love of Our Father can never be taken from you. My Love I give you now. The Love of God the Father I cannot. So seek and you shall find limitless Love Divine, with all the benefits it brings. I will be with you often sending you my thoughts.

I am your friend and brother in truth. I am Jesus beloved Son of God the Father.

© 2002 Digitaria
June 05, 2002
Received by L.K.
London, England
All rights reserved




The Soul

I will tell you about the Soul. Understand that the Soul is the image of God the Father. The Soul existed before itís incarnation in the flesh. The Soul is superior to the Spirit of man, his Will and intellect. The Soul can perceive other Souls which have not yet chosen to in-carnate. These Souls are the highest of Gods creations. Understand that prior to your current state you were pure Soul with the knowledge and Divine Love of God the Father. These Souls are able to see each other through the eyes of the Soul. Even those who have received the newbirth are not as close to Gods Love. These new Souls are perceivable to Celestials through Soul perception, but they are not able to see through the Souls eyes.

You wanted to know how you could return from whence you came now that you are both Spirit, Body and Soul. You will understand. I want you to know that I am in a very high sphere and possess the Divine Love to great extent. It is my wish to be re-united with God the Father in my original form as Soul if it is desirable to Our Father. You want to be with God. You understand you existed as Soul in Heaven. You understand how other Souls can perceive each other. You want to see as Soul, and be as before with all your memories of Our father. These memories exist in your Soul. You will have access to these memories when you return to us in Heaven.

When a new Soul incarnates this memory is separated from your Soul, the moment it incarnates into flesh. This part of your Soul is memory, which remains in Heaven. It is desirable to retrieve these memories. Contrary to popular belief the Soul as created by God is not a twin, or male, female. It is your duplex personality, which existed before as Soul before individuality in the flesh. You want to assimilate this memory with your own, so you will be closer to God and in Truth and Harmony, as to your relationship with the One True God in Heaven. The Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end. You can understand how Gods Divine Love assimilates what you possess of the mortal love. This is a blending of love, with the Divine Love being the superior. This is the case with your duplex soul identity. They are both you. As Love is the same, but with differences only felt in the Soul.

I do not know that Soul has yet achieved the perfection of Soul, from before itís incarnation. I know that many things regarding the Higher Truths have not been revealed to us, and I Atol am seeking to return from whence I came. I have received the newbirth, as have all Sprits who in-habit the Celestial Kingdom. We are awaiting the completion of New Heaven. When God the Father will be present in his Heaven, with all those redeemed with his Love. These redeemed Children will be elevated to that of new Souls with regard to Divine Love in their Souls. I expect the serious seeker of Divine LOVE will find their home here, in the company of Our Father.

I want to assure you it is God the Fathers Will that all his Children return to him. His Love which is between Father Son, Father Daughter is not that which can be likened to earth parents. His Love is Divine and pure, and should not be confused with any earth parent relationship. Your relationship with God should reflect the Love of your Soul, not restricted by belief or earth taboo. God the Father is Divine and the originator and very essence of Love. His Love knows no bounds or restrictions. His Love in your Soul will guide you into Truth, Harmony and New Heaven. His Love knows no restriction yours should not either. There is no limit or set rule how we should love God. You have developed well in your understanding, and have developed in both Divine and Perfect Love.

When you show or tell another about the great gift of Divine Love, or speak of Our Father in Heaven you demonstrate Divine Love. When good works result from this in yourself, it is a development of perfect mortal love. Which in your case this was made possible only because you embraced and accepted Divine Love into your Soul and life. You have effectively became a different person, with different goals and aspirations. We are pleased with your improvement and your personal efforts in telling the Higher Truths of God the Father. You have done well to receive this communication, and we can see the improvement in your Spirit and countenance. Although you can only feel it in your Soul. You are my friend and Sister.!

I am your brother Atol. Son of God. .I will write again soon. Remember we are many and are with you often.

My Love I give you always,

Your Brother in Truth,

I am Atol.
© 2002 Digitaria
June 05, 2002
Received by L.K.
London, England
All rights reserved

I want to tell you The Difference Between Mortal Love And That Of The Divine Love Of The Father

What I have to tell you, concerns all of mankind. I am Abraham, of the bible, and lived for many years with only the mortal love. When I died, I was sent to a place fitting my soul condition, I never had the Divine Love of the Father, until the coming of Jesus. I was fitted to live in the Spiritual realm, and progressed to a sphere of high intellect. I did not know that the rebestowal of Gods Love had been given us, and I continued in the perfect love, the birthright of Gods children since the first time. Understand this perfect love is merely the natural love, which God intended mankind to have, to be happy and in their natural state. know this perfect state existed in the beginning, with one diff

erence. The difference was that Gods Love was with mankind in great abundance until, the fall of the first parents. The fall of our first parents simply means, that Gods Children began to live their lives, not in accordance with Gods Laws. They lost the ability to have even the perfect love, which was a natural birthright and perfect state, given to them by God. So know this, I had attained a new perfect state of love, in accordance with Gods Law. The perfection of a pure and natural love, it was not until Jesus, had died and came to us in the Spiritual realm, that I had any conception of the rebestowal of Gods Love. Understand this, Gods Love is unique, and is a soul quality, not even perceived by spirits until someone, of a higher soul quality enlightens them of the Truth of Gods Love.

In my case it was Jesus himself, that came to me. He was so compellingly beautiful, that I did not doubt the stories about him, being the Son of God. The news of Jesus, came to us from spirits who had been incarnate during his lifetime. I was to find out that Jesus was the truth the light, and the way to God the Father. I was shown a little of what Gods Love was like, and found my appetite for this Love in-satiable. The more Love I asked for, the more Love I received. I was shown the way to the Father, and received the newbirth. The new birth is the inflowing of the Holy Spirit, directly into your very soul. This Love is available to all, who will only seek it in their very soul. S

eek it with every part of your being. Do not wait until you come to spirit to learn this. Seek first God the Father, and all other things will be added unto you. Now to explain the process of the newbirth. The newbirth is the inflowing of the Divine Love. Divine Love is not the same as any mortal or perfect love, as I attained before the coming of Jesus. The Divine Love is so supreme and powerful, that it is often and sometimes totally un-describable, and without comprehension of its sheer force. Force to change a man from what he was, into a Son of God, with the knowledge that he is the Father and you the Son. The Divine Love, when possessed changes every part of you, never again could you be the same person, you was before. Nor would you want to be.

To have the Love of the true Father was Gods intention, he only requires that you will wilfully seek to find it. Try and speak from your heart, speak your Truth. Reach out too Love, that he may find you, and change you from mortal man, to Sons of God. This includes both spirits incarnate, discarnate. It is far better to seek the Love of God whilst incarnate, as it will help you to attain the perfect state of mortal happiness, which God always intended us to have. This in a perfect state, in addition to the faith and Love of the Father. This Love is yours, if you would only see him as an individual Father. Not concerned with the nations, but with individual children. Always ready to bestow his Love on all those, that will seek the Truth and the Love of the Father. If all those individuals, would only seek to return from whence they came, they will not be forsaken. Our Father is a God of Love, and will not turn one child away, that will seek his Love. Age has no determination on when we should reach out for this Love, only understand that it is ready and waiting for you, when you are ready to reach out and become, a true son, daughter of God. That is all I wish to say in this discourse, and hope you will allow me to continue in the future. You are my friend Lisa, and you have shown me much of your true self. I expect we will be great friends, in the not so distant future. 20I am your friend and brother, I am proud to know you. Your Loving brother Abraham
© 2002 Digitaria
Jan 04, 2002
Received by L.K.
London, England
All rights reserved



I want to tell you why Mankind Needs The Truth Of God The Father

God the Father is father to all Mankind. He Loves all his children and is always ready to bestow his Love on all those that will seek for it, in truth and Love. It does not matter if the person asking is not in Love, only that he feels he needs Love, and acknowledges the need for Divine Love in his soul.

During mans short time on earth, he encounters what is both good and evil. All that is good originates from God the Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth. What is evil and in error comes from man.

The image of God as the soul can never become evil, but mans spirit, his intellect, his individuality can. When this happens and sin and error are seemingly allowed to occur, it simply means that this particular individual is not living in accordance with the harmony of Gods will.

He believes that he is alone, and that this is to be his lot. He knows that he once needed Love, but the Love failed him, and he is now alone. With this condition of isolation, comes feelings of spite, jealousy and hate, with the feeling of worthlessness. Which often man carries about him until his very death.

Understand that this condition of sin and error would not be able to take hold of an individual, if they were knowledgeable of the Love that was needed to make them whole, and without sin and error.

It is only with this possession of Gods Love which can change us from what we were, into Loved Children of God the Father.

Know this, that our Father knows each and everyone of us, for it was him that imparted part of his Divine Soul into you. In his likeness you are like God, not in body, mind or spirit are we like our Father. Your soul which you possess, the part of you which can never be separated, is the part of you which is like God. It is a soul quality, not always perceived. It is the part of you that you feel, when you are wounded emotionally. It is the part of you which is being choked by your intellect and will, as not to listen to your needs. The part of you, which you bury and ignore. You hide your un-happiness with work and family, and try to live within the Boundaries of your written law.

0 Mostly perceiving yourself, to be moral persons who appreciates his fellow man as a commodity, and what they can do for you.

Understand that other people in themselves owe you nothing, they have their own journey, as you have yours. They are mostly as blind and as deaf as you, so how can they honestly offer you what you need, if they do not possess it. Seek first God the Father and all other things will be unto you, speak your truth as you know it. Are you afraid of what you are, what you have become, for you should be? It is not all right to live in ignorance of your truth, you are only deceiving yourself, your intellect your spirit.

You do not Love yourself as God Loves you, so why do you listen to that part of your mind? Sometimes you can make yourself feel better by disguising your feelings your truth by the use of drugs, to help you forget for only moments that you need Love. In your heart longing for things to have been different for you. You do not know that your true Father, the one who can Love you with all that is true is waiting for you, waiting to bestow his Love, when you ask. Father to Son, Father to Daughter, always waiting for your call, to return unto him and find the Love now, because you so need it.

Do not be afraid to ask that he Love you and find you, only remember although he gave you life to live incarnate with the mortal Love, he has also given you your own free will and personality, and desires that you return unto him as individuals. Who have grown and learned that both sin, error and evil are of our own beliefs.

This understanding, if only slight that life eternal waits for you in the Kingdom of God, as Celestial Children, can change us from what we were, into the original essence of our soul. This change does not just happen, as it is of soul, and soul is of understanding. Sometimes this understanding does not come to that soul for many years, after it ceases to exist incarnate and enters into the spiritual realm. Only when the obvious assumption that they are dead, yet of mind and not of solid body, do they realise this for themselves. Life goes on, but the wounds of the past are far to great to face alone, the feelings of loneliness are heightened, if that was your feeling and understanding in life.

This facing up to your truth is necessary, so that the spirit may progress in Truth and in Love. Know this only comes to those that truly need a special Love in their soul. If you have made do with the scanty Love that came and went in your life, then you can never truly be happy. Should hope come to you from afar, then accept this help for you need it, or it would not have been offered. Leave your distrust with your body, and try and leave all your hate behind. These people you hate owe you nothing, one day they will owe you Love, but not until your own soul is in order can this happen.

You are a child of God always, even if you do not know it to be so. We are all his Children and perfect in our making. We must return to him as redeemed and Loved, sons and daughters of the one true God, Creator of all that you are, a most treasured child of the Father. Only remember you are never alone when you seek to be found, and changed in the Love of God to receive the newbirth. Into the family of Gods children, know longer of the Earth, with just the Love of man, but the Love of the God, the Divine Love in the Celestial Heavens.

My Love I give you, my peace I give you. The Love of God the Father I cannot. So seek for yourself, and you will not be forsaken. Seek in Love and Truth and the Love of God will come into your soul and bring happiness into your life. To become part of the new you, with all the Love and happiness you ever could conceive. My Love I give to you now, and for all time. Hear the word of the Lord. I am your friend, and beloved Son of God the Father. I am Jesus and I Love you. You have received this important message well, and I am most pleased in your improvement, and Love possessed in your soul. Your friend and brother forever


© 2002 Digitaria
Jan 10, 2002
Received by L.K.
London, England
All rights reserved



I want to tell you about Free Will

I am here Jesus. Free Will is a wonderful gift from God the Father. I have told you that to exercise your free will, and seek for your Father the Creator is the ultimate goal while still incarnate.

As I have said free will is a precious gift given, to all mankind. When Free Will is used correctly it can bring great reward, not of riches or land, but the one thing that can change you from son of man to son of god. The gift of Gods Love. This is the greatest reward that can be bestowed upon man. Free Will is a soul quality, not perceived by most. Free Will is often confused with freedom of speech and liberty, freedom of movement. This is erroneous and not good for mankind. I would like to assure you and all that read this text, that Free Will is a gift from God, given to us at birth.

Before my coming, the link between man and God had been severed, by God himself. Only after my coming was the gift of Gods Love and Free Will, rebestowed upon mankind. This rebestowal includes all spirits who passed into death before my coming. They too were to be included with the gift of Gods Love, Free Will. This too is Gods way to ensure no child of his, would lose the opportunity to return unto him.

When you understand what Free Will is, it will be a life changing experience. With this understanding comes great responsibility, it was shown to you as an image of concentration. You can explain what you saw, as a waking vision.

Whilst awake the image of a man could be seen in a white robe with gold fastenings, and sandals The man was showing much concentration in his effort to stay upright and balanced, on the rolling, turning, cut log which was of fair size. The turning log and dark haired man continued their balance and symmetry, as the log ascended the vertical, ever upward. At the time I did not understand the sight, and thought it may pertain to the features of the man rather than the act of control and concentration, which in the end seemed more important part of the image. So with that said, my understanding is this, with understanding comes great responsibility. Controlling what we think and Will, in a fine balance towards progression

to God the Father.

Yes Free Will is every thought, every intuitive higher thought. This must be developed in Love or the pursuit of Love. Only voluntary seeking in mind for the Love of God, will bring this Love into your soul. It is my Will that you know that I am your friend, and I Love you very much. You have been chosen to write and understand the Higher Truths, according to your understanding. You are much closer to God the Father than you realise, and he is very close to you. I Jesus Love you, you are my friend. Jesus

© 2001 Digitaria

Dec 27, 2001
Received by L.K.
London, England

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I want to tell you How Things Are For Those People That Believe In Doctrinal Religions

This subject is of interest to you and concerns all mankind. What a man believes when alive is an important factor, as to how he is received when he is discarnate. He is now spirit and soul, although the soul is rarely perceived by spirit and mortal alike, it still exists. The soul was given to mankind by God, and in his image. I would like to say that know matter what mankind believes, whilst still incarnate the fact still remains, he is both spirit and soul. There is only one God the Father the Creator of all things.

No matter what religion we claim to be part of, it is only of mans intellect that this was conceived. These beliefs in doctrinal worship, these beliefs that men adopted about God are wholly erroneous, and have been the cause of much conflict throughout the ages.

Mankind is ready for the Truth and their is a need to know. Doctrinal religions have served their purpose, in portraying the belief in God, which is distinctly different from faith in God. Belief in God comes from the intellect, of incarnate man. These are either things which have been learned or taught, and serve no proper importance in the salvation of the soul. Faith in God is not something which can be learned, it is rather perceived, and in this perception the soul feels the need for Love.

Mankind sets about to create for himself a perfect love, where all needs of his intellect are cared for. This pursuit of a perfect Love although seemingly fair, does not serve to bring the Love you crave into your soul. This perfect Love you have created for yourself, can never measure up to what your soul needs, Divine Love. Faith can be taught but only when there is sufficient soul understanding, and perception, which comes from within. Belief in God should not be taught as it is injurious to the spirit, both incarnate, discarnate. What has been learned which is in error, will have to be removed.

The condition of cleansing these untruths can be a difficult time, the belief in God which is learned through Doctrinal Religions, advocates that God the Creator is, Omnipotent and wrathful God. It is not taught that God the Father is an individual Father, to each and everyone of us. As I said earlier, what a spirit believes determines how he is received in spirit. If learned of doctrinal religion he will be in error, as to his relationship with God and his soul purpose to return from whence he came. He may however be a good and moral person with much of the mortal and perfect love, which God the Father always intended we have. The condition of moral, mortal Love with little spiritual intellect contains only the20love of man. These beliefs will not serve to bring the child, unto the Father.

In their good and moral pursuit of love and happiness they will become fit to enter into the spiritual realm, where the spirit will pursue his belief in religion, and worship as they did on Earth. God the Father allows this to happen, and this process is the Laws of Attraction, which dictates where spirits are fitted to live. During the time the spirit spends in the spiritual realm, he is allowed to grow and pursue activities. If not perfected whilst incarnate he is allowed to grow in perfect love, the love of mankind. Enjoying intellectual pursuits. Eventually the spirit will come to the understanding that something is missing. This understanding only happens when the soul asserts itself. It will then become20open to suggestion from spirits, with a higher soul understanding, which are able to teach them the Truth the Light and the Way. You do not have to wait, until you come to spirit to discover this Truth for yourself. Seeking the Divine Love will help you with the natural and perfect Love in your daily lives.

So you can see why it is injurious, to learn of doctrinal religions as it retards the souls development. As to those individuals that are not learned in doctrinal religions, their reception into the spirit realm is not much different. The Laws of Attraction are still operable. These spirits however are more responsive to the Truth. They do not have the weight of doctrinal error to be removed, and cleansed. If the newly arrived spirit lived in accordance with Gods Will, and was generally a good and loving spirit. In possession of much of the natural love, then he too would be fitted to live in the spiritual realm. Each in accordance with their soul understanding, so you see agnostics, really dont get it any better or easier, than a spirit who has a belief in God. Their path is one of the same.

So to conclude I will say that although not perceived, by the non- believer, the agnostic and every other spirit that has a soul, that on passing into the spirit realm this fact will be apparent. Depending on what you believe in life determines where you are fitted to live, in either the spiritual or celestial. It is far better to remove what is erroneous whilst still incarnate, and keep for yourself the longing for soul understanding, and faith that one day you will be reunited unto God the Father.

You have done well to receive my message. I have covered what I needed to say, and am most pleased with your rapport this evening. I am your friend and brother, I Love you Lisa. Your friend forever, Jesus of Nazareth

© 2001 Digitaria

Dec 28, 2001
Received by L.K.
London, England

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I want to tell you about Atonement and Retribution

When a sin is committed, or any act which is against the Harmony of Gods Will, it is recorded within the record of your soul. At the actual time a sin is made manifest, then the Law of Atonement and Retribution are made operable. Only when the actual sin has been acknowledged can Atonement begin. If however the sin against the Harmony of Gods Will is hidden and ignored by man, then it cannot begin to Atone, and the Law of retribution can become operable.

Sin and living against the Harmony of Gods Will is recorded, and can only be temporarily forgotten. I say temporarily because no memory is ever truly forgotten. There is a record of all memory belonging to mankind, written in your soul. Every man has his own life memories, for good or bad. These memories are written in the book of life, which contains all and every detail of a mans service to God. This is kept so that Atonement can begin, as memories are never really forgotten, only misplaced for a short while.

When the spirit of man enters into the spiritual realm, he is encouraged to remember his deeds, which were not in accordance to Gods Will. Sometimes the memories of a persons life are so out of Harmony with the Will of God. Their own deeds are too painful and disgusting too them, that they will refuse to believe that this in-harmony was any part of them. In doing so, the spirit is refusing to Atone and enters into a state of isolation and darkness. Whilst a spirit is in a condition of denial he will know only the pain which he feels for himself. Which is most painful, as it involves the battle between oneself and your opponent yourself. You are more formidable than can be imagined, this punishment of self, is called Retribution. It is the result of your own punishment, in your own personal hell. So retribution is ones own punishment against the Will of God. This process a spirit is compelled to make, and progress is different for each and every individual.

The book of life is available to the spirit on entering the spirit realm, after a short period of rest and support. The support structure is such which, encompasses every aspect of your personality this enables both protecting and guardian spirits, to Love you now as they indeed did then when you, the spirit was not in Harmony with the Will of God. It is far preferable for Atonement to begin whilst still incarnate, this however has its limitations as the support network of protecting spirits would not be perceived. For atonement to begin whilst still incarnate, you, mankind must look deeply into his soul because this is where the memories are stored. These are the sins and wounds which choke the spirit, and turn the s

oul away from God the Father. Atonement is necessary if a spirit is to progress, either in the natural love of man or the Love of God, and as Celestial Children. This process must take place sooner rather than later, all the things you know about yourself, the things that would cause you shame to tell another, are the sins committed against the Will of God. These must be remembered and recognised. Sometimes these memories are hidden so well by the spirit of man, that they cause him know problems at all. The individual feels strengthened by his experience, and feels he has gone on to be a better person. Not the object of sin itself, but blind to the man he is.

It must be known that what is not in harmony with Gods Will must be removed, before an individual incarnate or spirit discarnate can begin a better life in the spiritual and celestial kingdoms. The time a spirit spends Atoning for his sins is less variable, that that of those in a position of Retribution. Atonement can be instantaneous, if the sin and disharmony are recalled in Truth. Even then the realisation, can often force the spirit to repent, and not repeat a past mistake. An acknowledgement of lifeís memories, and a detachment from ones previous self can take place. The realisation serves to cleanse the soul of previous sin, and prepares the way for the pursuit of the Divine Love into the soul. Only when20the spirit of man acknowledges that he has sinned can Atonement, whilst still incarnate take place. It is not enough to recognise and categorise a sin whether it be the laws of mankind or the Harmony of Gods Will. Each individual event must be recalled in Truth, as an actual image of past events. You will know as to which are not in Harmony, this understanding as to what is right and wrong, which you will know it to be so. Atonement must be heart felt, not as a result of doctrinal confession, can sins be forgiven.

If the Law of Retribution is called into play, whilst discarnate, know consolation will come to them whilst they are denial. Often with the feeling of justification for their actions in life. No help will come to them to their despair, they will cry, curse and moan. Even in this condition in their personal hells, the Laws of Attraction our operable, and like will be with like, and know support will they find amongst each other. These hells have no part in Gods Celestial Kingdom or that of the Spiritual Realm, all who enter into this place are condemned and damned to pay full retribution for however long is necessary. Or preferably until the spirit admits and submits to the Will of God, and begins to Atone. Often this isolation is for long periods indeed, however as soon as they are ready, help will become available to them, from those spirits with a higher soul understanding. These spirits are able to offer them the Truth, which they would not accept prior to there condition. This help comes from both spirits incarnate and discarnate, sometimes these darkened spirits are able to have a rapport with mediums, and spiritual men and women. Always the Laws of Attraction are operable. This contact with the living on the spirit discarnate, can be damaging. Causing slower progress as a result of advice received from mediums. This is a consequence of both distrust from the spirit discarnate, and the same or lesser soul understanding of

the medium.

It is of importance for mankind to know that a spirit cannot go where, he is not fitted, this is governed by the Laws of Attraction. Spirits are compelled to in-habit where they are fitted to dwell. So in error on behalf of many mediums and spiritualists, I say that a spirit cannot be compelled to go to a light, which does not exist for them. The only help that should be offered is the Truth. In which I will endeavour to explain. There is but one way soul and spirit, can become redeemed and that is through the Creator of that one. Each individual no matter what his condition, is a Child of God the Father. Only when they seek to return from whence they came, can a signal of truth be sent to God the Father. Only the Divine Love of God, can restore them into Love, forgiveness and belonging. With stability of a true family which can only exist in Heaven. So I say, seek ye first God the Father. Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Alpha and Omega, and all other things will be added unto you. Hear the word of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the event this is read by those of soul understanding, take this for yourself as your Truth, and make it your own. As your service to God in your memory , your soul, your book of life.

I am pleased how you have received this message, of the Higher Truths, as it is of great importance to mankind. Only trust your soul understanding, as to whether to begin to Atone now or later. You Lisa have developed sufficiently enough, to understand this truth according to your understanding. You have the Love of God, to such a degree that your understanding of spiritual things has developed. In addition to your ability, to receive communication of the Higher Truths. Your condition of soul, is in a state of Atonement and very soon you will be free from sin and error, with the ability to control your Will, and ask that Divine Love come into your soul. You are my friend, my sister. I am Jesus, I love you. God the Father Loves you, all your brothers and sisters. You are never alone, I Love you remember the rainbow.

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Dec 28, 2001
Received by L.K.
London, England

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I want to tell you about Clothes In The Spiritual and Celestial Heavens

Spirits discarnate, on there arrival into the spiritual are clothed in attire they would wear during their period of life. Spirits of all ages, are reflections of the past. These spirit garments can be clearly seen by other spirits, whom then make personal judgements about a persons life and status. These conclusions are made even in death and pertain to behaviour. These spirits have not received the Divine Love of God the Father, having not yet received the newbirth, with only the mortal, moral natural Love of mankind. In which to draw conclusions about others. How a spirit lived his life on Earth has know factual bearing, on how he is received in spirit. Always the Laws of Attraction are operable. Soul understanding of the Love of God or the Love of man determines whether, they will progress in either the Spiritual or Celestial Heaven. With the Love of mankind only, or the Divine Love.

It is possible to change the spirits garments, with the correct application of active thought forms. This process is learned and is highly skilled. Too include not just clothes, but the image of self from previous incarnations. For the most part, spirits are seen as they appeared in life. Not all spirits are conscious of their own appearance, and see only see their image of self. Although not apparent to others of higher soul understanding. Thought forming is a skill learned when the soul is sufficiently enlightened to the Truth. That they are one of the same, this is often confusing to spirits, uncontrolled thought forms can manifest previous incarnations and soul understanding causing many answers to questions to be exposed.

The element of spirit garments, is drawn from the ethereal ether which pervades the Heavens and the Earth. It is the foundation and building blocks of life. When ethereal elements are drawn, a process to transmute matter takes place. A garment can be fashioned in moments, the wearers creation from mind will adorn his spirit body. Whilst the wearer is conscious of the garment, the image will be reflected to all spirits which are of like attraction.

Ultimately others with the same soul understanding, will see them as they are cloaked in colours of varying hues. Reflective of their soul condition and understanding.

The attire belonging to the Children of the one true God, the Alpha and Omega wear the garments of Gods Celestial Race. The Celestials show a magnificent translucent quality, which are the garments of the soul and are the wearers true self. All are different and vary in many ways, the more beautiful the spirit is, the more Love of God the father they have in their soul. This can be seen as brightness. Varying, continually changing as with the eye of the beholder. The wearer showing an ever changing countenance. The soul image is likened to a continuos metamorphous, involving reflective changes in spirit. When effected by music of the celestial kind, it is felt by the spirit, showing in their countenance. Musical connotations effect the Love a spirit has, and this Love is radiated from them effecting others within their region.

When spirits leave their sphere, they may travel to regions whereby soul understanding is not apparent. These spirits encountered by the celestials will appear to them as clothed in their period of life. These spirits not possessed with Gods Love, are often darkened and pervade know light, but rather a murky hues of blue and grey. To the unlightened spirit the celestials, would appear as fantastically beautiful, angelic, courteous, kind, peaceful, warm and loving. Often the brightness of the celestial ethereal body is much too bright, almost blinding to a spirit who has not received the new birth, into the Kingdom of God. The Celestials perform a conscious effort, to project a thought form and appearance, suitable to those of

lower spheres. A less bright countenance, is drawn from the eternal ether of the particular sphere, whereby the celestial spirit may journey.

Should the process of changing spiritual appearance, with the application of active thought forms not be actioned, it would render the celestial unseen, by those of lesser soul understanding. Those of like soul condition would see the celestial as he would be in his own home. This demonstrates how always the Laws of Attraction are operable enabling those of like soul understanding to see, and communicate un hindered or impeded by their current location. Celestial Children are mostly robed and display diadems around the temple, not a physical jewel, but a reflective halo of goodness and Love. Although projected by thought form, it is a true reflection of the souls understanding.

Diadems are often seen when praying, or seeking enlightenment from the Divine Love. The display of diadems is reserved for ceremony and worship to the one true God the Alpha and Omega.


I am pleased how you have received this message. I Love you. You are my friend, my sister. I am Jesus.

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Feb 13, 2002
Received by L.K.
London, England
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I want to tell you the Difference Between The Spiritual Realms and The Celestial Heavens

I would like to say that there are many different homes, a spirit may inhabit. This is determined by the Laws of Attraction, which is the deciding factor as to where spirits are housed. This and other contributory information about the spirit is collected. This process ensures that the spirit can live in relative happiness, and pursue moral and perfect love according to his understanding. This understand, is a soul perception, which is in immediate effect the moment a spirit enters into death. So to seek the Love of God now, whilst incarnate will have an effect where you are suited to live. This determination is based on the spirits capacity to understand, and perceive he must return from whence he came.

I will not say that a man will receive favourable treatment, compared to another, because this simply is not the case. If a man believes that he can dictate what and where his position should be, when he enters the spirit realm he will be sorely mistaken, and in error of the Truth. A mans status in life has no bearing on how he is treated, and received in spirit. To those that think otherwise, I can say that no man may enter the Kingdom of Heaven, if he comes as a thief. All that enter herein are Children of God, those redeemed spirits who have received the new birth, and have the Love of God. The Celestial Heaven is where Children of the one true God Creator of Heaven and Earth reside, in their homes in a Celestial Heaven, provided by God the Father, for his Children. This is the Celestial Heavens and is the true home to all Gods Children.

In the event of soul understanding, a spirit will undergo rapid changes in his condition, and will be allowed to grow and develop freely. Always the Laws of Attraction are operable, ensuring the spirit is compelled to be with other spirits of a like disposition, and similar levels of soul understanding. This process allows the spirit to grow in every way except one, it will not ensure that a spirit return from whence it came. It will help them to grow in the natural, perfect Love of man. Which can bring much happiness and enjoyment. This natural Love of man, can then be perfected in the Spiritual Heavens. Developing their Will in Harmony with Gods Laws. Development in the spiritual realm is such that spirits, may or may not find the one true God, and may continue their existence in blindness. Although this is not perceived by them, because it is of soul understanding not of sight. This blindness will continue until the spirit is enlightened, by another spirit of higher soul quality. This information about the Higher Truths, are not always understood at the time, and understanding is not usually perceived for some time. But like a seed once sown, it will grow until the understanding is visible to the spirit, when this happens a spirit will then seek the Truth.

The Law of Attraction, will ensure the spirit is in the correct sphere to receive the necessary help, in accordance with their understanding. Whereby all spirits receive help, guidance, Love and understanding. The Spiritual Heaven is where most spirits will reside, on entering the Spiritual Realm. This place is called Leven, the spirits in Leven are of a goodly nature, and have lived their lives incarnate, in accordance with the Harmony of Gods Will. They spend much time in Leven, often holding off their development to wait for loved ones. The time spent here is too climatise spirits, to their new existence in the spiritual. They will make adjustments and analysis, of their individual condition. There is a record of your life, which will be openly available to spirits to look at, and make corrections and remove error. This analysis of the past is necessary for closure, and development. How the spirit proceeds from here, depends on their soul understanding. There is know right or wrong way to proceed, and all spirits will eventually gain soul understanding. This does not mean they will be fitted to live in the Celestial Heavens, this depends solely on whether they seek and want, the Divine Love of our Father. Each individual must walk his own path, and this may seem to be not in Harmony, but it will prove to be the only way a soul can return from whence it came. Your spiritual path is as long or short, as the spirits individual understanding will allow. Only when the soul desires what is not there, will it receive insight into the future.

The Celestial Heavens as well as the Spiritual Heavens have spheres of progression, in the Celestial this is determined, by the amounts of Divine Love possessed by the soul. The goal is always towards the fountain head of Gods Love. There are many spirits who reside in the Celestial spheres, their appearance is noticeably different, to those in the Spiritual realms. They are of beauty and Love, and exude the Love of their soul, to such an extent that they often appear brighter than the sun to spirits unpossessed of this Love. Conscious effort of both Will and rapport are required to enable a higher spirit, to communicate with a lower spirit, not possessed of this Love. Rapport is also essential and operates alongside, the Laws of Attraction. This help can be offered from spirits, who have received the newbirth. Help is always available and offered, both in Leven and the Celestial Heavens. All spirits are encouraged to progress and grow in Love, with either the mortal love or the Divine.

The Celestial Temple is very close to my home, which is set in the most wonderful serene enviroment. With God at the Fountainhead and Love all around. My home is many, alone not ever.

I am pleased you were able to receive this message, and expect your condition will improve somewhat, if you only make this truth your own. My Love I give you, I am your friend and brother Jesus.


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Jan 14, 2002
Received by L.K.
London, England
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I want to tell you about Music in the Celestial And In The Spiritual

There is a type of music in the Celestial, that has not been heard by mortal ears. This Celestial Music belongs only to Gods Children, who have received the newbirth. I will try to explain what this music is like. Firstly it is not perceived by ears, it is rather felt. As you can feel the wind, and hear its stirrings on the enviroment around. As the wind makes surface contact, its sound and momentum is ever changing so the sound is ever changing. This is similar to Celestial Music with one big difference. The difference being, that Celestial Music soothes and caresses your very soul, and it is not wind. It is the Music of God, a symphonic masterpiece, never recreated, ever changing. So when wind changes its sound when it makes surface contact, this Music when in contact Celestials, influences the feelings of Love which are possessed by them.

When I am away from the Celestial, the Music is not available. This is felt in our spirit and soul, and the periods without this music sends our thoughts to home. This Music has comfortable and addictive qualities, it serves to ensure are departure is for but a short space, before we are compelled to return, from our own Will. The Laws of Attraction, are ever operable. I would liken this music to a most addictive drug in Earth terms, but without the intoxicating effects that is harmful to the body or mind. As this Music is from God, it consists of pure Divine Love, which softens and calms the soul. I have found much comfort from the beautiful melodies. It turns my thoughts to those I Love, and warms my spirit. It helps me to wait for the promise of things to come. I know you would like it, I think it would be your favourite too.

The music in the Spiritual realm is similar to that of Earth, as to lyrical content, although the content is one of harmony of love and the pursuit of love. Music here is heard not felt, although it has a spiritual quality which raises the awareness of love possessed by them. I like the music from the Earth, although in its crudest form, is not something to be desired. I do not listen to music which is tainted with obscenity and darkness. Music in all forms has an effect on the spirit of man, its effects from Earth is felt in the Heavens. Music is more powerful than can be imagined, and it is a discourse unto itself, which I will not endeavour to explain here. Although this subject is of importance to mankind, I will say that Celestial Music is the food of Love, and has the most wonderful and sublime quality, which soon you will be part of yourself. If you choose to return unto your Father and Creator

With Love as a brother, and friend. I am Jesus.

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Jan 19, 2002
Received by L.K.
London, England
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I want to tell you about the Possession Of Evil Spirits In The Spirit Of Man And How This Can Be Identified

All of mankind is both spirit and soul, because this is how God the Father created us. The spirit of man is very different, to that which is in the image of God, the soul. They are completely different. The spirit of man, is of intellect and learned experience whilst incarnate.

The spirit of man, his intellect, his Will can be affected by spirits discarnate. These discarnate spirits, can have an attraction with any given individual. As like attracts like, the Laws of attraction are applicable here.

The soul of man is not perceived, although its existence is paramount to mankindís very existence. The spirit of man, his will and personality, his intellect are subject to the lesser Will of others, if in a condition of Rapport with a darkened spirit. A darkened spirit is simply an evil man or women, who had once lived incarnate. Whom has not received the newbirth, and who has not conducted his life in the Harmony of Gods Will. Sometimes the Attraction and Rapport is great, to such an extent that the spirit incarnate, displays a total loss of Will and control over their own thoughts and actions. This is exasperated by strong liquor or drugs, and a prolonged period of Rapport with these darkened spirits is detrimental to both, their mental and physical well being. In the absence of mood altering drugs Attraction and Rapport, between those of the physical and those of the spiritual is a common and regular thing. Although not perceived in most cases, by the mortal incarnate. This negative Rapport is not permitted, although it is not enforced.

All those that would attempt outlawed Rapport, are allowed to continue to do what they Will, even when not in Harmony with Gods Will. It is not to say that their will be no repercussions, of their actions. It simply means that an individual spirit of man, either incarnate or discarnate, at all times is responsible for his own actions. Through his personal, and amazing gift of Free Will. All those that would do wrong to another, would continue to do so. They are not in truth, they are not in accordance and Harmony with the greater Will of God the Father. The one true God the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. All of mankind incarnate, are in contact with those of the spiritual realms, at different times throughout their lives. Not always is Rapport outlawed, when in Truth a spirit discarnate, could seek permission to contact the spirit of living man. Subconsciously offer help, and assistance in Truth, regarding personal dilemmas, and problems which manifest in a personal.

Here the term angels and devils can be applied, simply explained. An angel is the spirit of man, whom once lived incarnate and in accordance with the Harmony of Gods Will. The opposite is that of devils, which also means the spirit of man who once LIVED whilst incarnate. Evil is simply the deeds and actions of man, whom are not in Harmony with the greater Will of God. Often this in-harmony is a result of their lifeís deeds, whilst incarnate. They remain in error, when discarnate they enter into a condition of darkness. Reflective of their current nature, know deed which is not in Harmony is forgotten, and no deed which in Truth is forgotten. All deeds of man are recorded in the soul, and are not forgott

en. Although in life, this can appear to be so. Until the spirit of man comes to the spiritual realm, and all thoughts and emotions are recalled in Truth. This is a necessary and important, and part of ones own Atonement and Retribution. I have spoken of this before, and do not intend to do so again now. I will continue by saying, that those who have refused to atone will not be fitted, to be in Love and Truth. They will remain in ruth, and denial. Their homes in the spiritual, then becomes commonly known as hell, where all those of like condition reside, as operable with the Laws of Attraction. This very attraction is what enables spirits of ruth to have Rapport, with the spirits of man incarn

ate. Like attracts like, and in so doing the spirit of man incarnate, can be subliminally and actively influenced by those of this region. Equally influenced they be, by the spirits of Love and Light, if in a condition of like Attraction.

What we Will and feel whilst incarnate, determines this Law. The resulting effects are seen as good or evil, simply put mankind has the capacity to think both good and evil thoughts. The decision as too which path you shall take, and which lesson you have been placed to learn, whilst in the physical and incarnate, is determined by the gift of life and Free Will. To learn a lesson not learned, in a previous existence or carnation. Ultimately we all when incarnate, are influenced by the spiritual realms. This however is not always perceivable by the mortal, and often results in the analysis of confusing emotions, thoughts which do not appear to be their own. This is sometimes the case, as when in a confrontationa

l situation. If not actioned immediately, feelings of resentment, hatred are thought. Embarrassments, fear are felt, revenge and spite are thought in mind. How to plot, and action these thoughts. Which causes the Laws of Attraction to be brought into operation. If a confrontation results in your life, and in an act of un-premeditated self defence, to aid, for protection and preservation of life. If an injury is inflicted upon your would be victor, then this is permitted. If premeditation is involved has been conspired against your fellow man, and if results in the physical death of your momentary opponent, then this is a sin. Deliberate, premeditated harm to another individual is a sin against the Harmony of Gods Wil

l, and not recommended as it harms only the individual. If not now, apparent but in the spiritual where the souls memories record your deeds for good or evil. Thinking evil thoughts about another, will attract spirits discarnate, of a like disposition.

It is often difficult for mortals, to identify those individuals which are in Rapport, with those in the hellinous regions. Unless they to have a similar, or like attraction to those of like influence. Only those of like soul condition, whilst incarnate can identify a spirit incarnate possessed of evil. The laws of Attraction are operable, as they are in Heaven, as it is on Earth, but it is not enforced and both good and evil men and women cohabit the same sphere. This is not so in the Heavens, and good is segregated from those of ruth and evil.

It is often said that in biblical times, that I and my apostles, disciples, had the power to cast out evil. This was meant in a different way, than it is perceived today. In todayís reasoning, the casting out of evil is often called an exorcism. Which means to remove the spirit of evil, from the spirit of man incarnate. This fake rite is dangerous, to the recipient of the exorcism, and not to the spirit of evil, who is in Rapport, possession of the spirit of man. Often this infuriates the discarnate evil spirit of man, and with this spite and vengeance returns unto his host to cause untold havoc, with their life and relationships. The doctrinal rite of exorcism, is a lie, a false doctrine. Which i

s still widely in practise today. It has no effect on the spirit of evil, except to vex them. Humouring them with, the lack of power these men of cloth portray. In the name of God, I command you evil spirit to leave this child of God, and return unto and from whence you came. These words are not sufficient, and know words of man, who are not in Truth, has the power over anotherís Will. Especially when the spirit of evil, is discarnate. In cases where severe possession, is acknowledged, and an exorcism is performed and seemingly successful. It is not because of the act of the rite, of false men, idolaters and deceptive men of false power, but the intervention of Celestial spirits. Who have taken upon20themselves to individually minister to the spirit of evil, whom are seeking to possess and have outlawed rapport with man incarnate.

When I Jesus, was incarnate, it was said that I spoke, and removed the spirit of evil from mortals. With the Love of God the Father this was achieved. I would speak directly, not to that of the possessed, but the spirit of evil discarnate. Whom was seeking outlawed Rapport. I would identify as to whom was responsible, and to attain where their home was. Encouraging them to seek the Love of God. Asking assistance from my brothers in Truth in spirit, that they offer their assistance and service to the one true God. The laying on of hands, is an essential part of identifying the cause, and individual responsible for the outlawed Rapport. I will say that the removal of a spirit of evil, from the spirit of m

an incarnate, is a temporary thing. I have said, go now and sin no more. What I was referring to was the sins of the mind, evil thoughts against your neighbour, against yourself. Ultimately you are your own judge and witness. The conduct of mortal man, is a continuos act of Free Will, and responsibility to be in control of what is thought, felt and actioned in your mind. When thoughts are projected, which are not in Harmony, this results in sin and error, then spirits of greater, like sin, can come into Rapport. This can only be controlled, with the strengthening of Free Will, which alone and without the knowledge and Love of God is almost impossible.

For all mankind incarnate, I say. That the only way to eradicate and control feelings of hate, and to remain in control of your own Will, is to seek the Love of the one true God. Through truthful soul longings, ask in Truth, alone in private, that he hear, see and Love you. Ask that you receive understanding, belonging and encouragement to change. There is know sin un-pardonable, to God the Father. As we all be, his children. Knowledgeable of this or not, it is a truth. The only truthful way to obtain the power and the Love of God, when possessed incarnate the Love of God, enables a spirit of man to have control over his own Will. To feel in Truth, what is in Harmony with the greater Will of God.20 Think kind and loving thoughts and you shall attract those, of a like disposition. Exacting a positive influence on your life. I will discuss at a later date, how you can contact the spirit of evil, possessed in the spirit of man incarnate. I will discuss, what can be done, to assist them in Truth.

I am pleased this subject was of interest to you, and I was able to express much of what I intended to say. You are in Truth, and have the Love of God in great abundance. You are my sister, and my friend. I am Jesus Christ. I Love you.

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Dec 15, 2001
Received by L.K.
London, England
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I Want To Tell You About Love

I am Jesus. Love is the essence of God the Father. Love is difficult to explain. I will do my best to describe to you exactly what Love is. Firstly Love is Unique and originates from God. It is his very being.

I want you to know that some people are un-loved. Some people have nobody to call their own. Others have only the love of man. Those that have only the love of man can never truly be happy. Those that have neither the mortal love or Divine Love are more attuned, to the truth of God's Love than those comfortable with the love of man.

Love is a complicated subject when mortal love is includes under the title of LOVE. I am of the impression that the mortal love is daunting and un-fulfilling. This is because in the absence of Divine Love the mortal love can not be expressed or understood. The Perfect mortal Love our Father intended us to have is not realised. Often mortal love is misconstrued with each individuals personal pursuit of love and happiness. Even in the most outwardly perfect loving relationships have limitations. Something within is not satisfied. Not always knowing what is preventing us from being truly happy. If the soul has not recognised it's longing, it will then continue to ignore these inward yearnings. The pursuit of happiness,20looking for in your partners and piers for love and approval. Always looking never finding the ideal you first had as children.

The love of man is in-consistent. As mortals we learn to live with disappointments and tragedy. An emotional scar is a tragedy, which we carry with us until replaced with a less hurtful experience. Do not learn how to guard your feelings. It may have been necessary at the time, but you must not ignore your truth. The truth that you need and want to be Loved. Only God can look into your soul. He knows what you need even if you dont, having only the love of man. I am the Truth, I can tell you what I know of the mortal love, and that of the Divine Love. Mankind un-possessed of the Divine Love can never truly comprehend the difference between the two, unless they in hindsight are able to make a


The love of man is an ideal. Initially the Perfect and Divine Love was with mankind. This is where the true romantic concept of Love came from. From the Divine Love of God. Later mankind lost the ability to commune with God, and was left with only the love of man. Which has undergone few changes since that time. Mankind has used love as a weapon, for trade, for politics. For the cause and cessation of war.

I often hear mankind asking for guidance, on how to show love more effectively to those around them. It is said in questionings, How am I to show love, if I do not know love, my parents did not love me? This is all to common, you yourself felt there was something missing. That even with the mortal love of your family, it was not enough. The mortal love can only become the Perfect Love as God intended when possessed of the Divine Love. This is difficult on Earth as the sheep are not separated from the wolves. In Heaven this does not occur as the Harmony of Gods Will is the greater force.

The Divine Love is power, it is the essence of God. This Love is not complicated. It is Love and easy to explain. However I can not give you understanding, this must come from within. The Divine Love is more than just words. It is a condition and state of mind. It is felt rather than heard. Just as you feel the absence of Love, you can also feel when the Divine Love comes into your soul. The Love of God can come into your soul. There are no special conditions other than speaking your truth from within. This Love is conveyed to God's Children carnate and discarnate, in much the same way. The difference being without the visuals for those incarnate. The inflowing of the Divine Love enters y

our soul and mind through God's Spirit. He must first change you so you can receive his communication.

I know from experience that the Holy Spirit is working now with the souls of mankind. As he did with me when I lived as Jesus, Son of God. I knew this because he told me, he said "Hear what I say, I am your Father and I Love you. I am that I am, you are my son and I Love you". This is God's Holy Spirit in action. This was accompanied by the feeling of total submission. I was enveloped in the Love of God. I had questions but I did not speak. This Love washed over me. I heard the word of God clearly inside my conscious mind. I was Loved, I belonged. With the word of God came the feeling of elation, a total letting go of anxiety and fear. I later learned that this was t

he inflowing of Divine Love into my soul. It will always be a life changing experience. The change of receiving our Fathers Love is both physical and emotional.

I want you all to realise that you are never really alone, when you seek to be found. Send out a signal. Use the power within to connect with God. As I said the most powerful force in all creation is God himself, our Fathers very essence and being is Love. This Love makes up your soul. Use what makes you like God to reach out in Truth. Our Father communes with his Children, with his Unique Love vibration. This communication knows no bounds. Speak to our Father from within. Ask if it is your Will that he speak to you. Tell him you will to address his Spirit. Offer your friendship and Love.

Our Father knows what you need. You need him, he will make you his own. It costs nothing to speak to God. He is a friend to me and will be for you, if you treat him as such. Our Father speaks to his Children. He has personality and he knows everything about you as an individual. So there is no need to be formal in prayer, just be yourself. If you are not comfortable with being yourself, then you may have identified some disharmony within. He knows all, so do not try to hide a thing. The more layers you start to strip away, the closer you will become to God, and the Harmony of his Will.

I know this is achievable. I just happened to be the first to receive the rebestowal of God's Love. Many since have received this gift. All will also be that way for all who try. The link to God's Love is no longer severed. Our Father is again with mankind, and he will come into your soul and make you his own. No longer a spiritual independent child, but a Loved and wanted Celestial, now possessed of the Divine Love. Think not on your progress, only see that when the time is right for any given individual, that our Father will hear and respond in Love. With the working of the Holy Spirit, on the souls of his Children.

I am pleased how you have received this message of the Higher Truths. I know that you are trying to understand. I know you are changed. I want you to know that I am your brother always. I Love you and all my brothers and sisters to be. I know about the forum which you contribute too discuss the Divine Love. During this time you were not receiving messages. This was because you needed other mortals to talk about your experiences with. I am pleased with your soul progression and will continue to provoke thought in your conscious mind.

I am your friend. I am Jesus. I Love you.

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May 2, 2002
Received by L.K.
London, England
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How To Reach And Tell Another How To Obtain The Divine Love

I am Jesus. I like it when you are happy. I know you Love and care about your brothers and sisters to be. You are already seeking to share the Love and happiness you have experienced with your family to be. You want others to experience the Divine Love you possess in your soul. I want you to know that you are working now for the one true God in Heaven. Your work writing the Higher Truths is an important and respected soul condition to have whilst incarnate. You are not satisfied with writing the Higher Truths and want to make a personal difference to the lives of others. Your soul has progressed and you are more readily able to formulate ideas and ways of reaching those in need. So how should20those in need be distinquished? I do not want to distinguish nor should you. God does not discriminate, you should not either. You are heavily favoured towards those groups which can be located by location.

You understand those devoid of even the mortal love need the most help. Least that's what you think now. True they are more susceptible to the truth of God the Father at this time, and yes huge impact could be made if you follow this route. Those in hostels, homeless, elderly or sick and dieing mortals can then be located my location. This is admirable and in Harmony with the Will of God, but it is discriminatory. What of those of my flock that you know will find it difficult to enter the Kingdom of God. I refer to those content with the mortal love. Successful, consumerist business moguls, politicians, presidents, royalty. These are the more vulnerable group, with the real possibility that they may never

know the Divine Love. For want of there own materialistic success. Glorying only in their own name. God the Father Loves these Children the same, no more, no less. These are the very people that are the cogs and wheels of any system in place for the benefit of human organisation, human rights, trade ect.

I know you have no fear with regard to societies underclass's. This is because there is a message of Love in your heart. You have contemplated a plan recently on how best to effect this. Your requirements were few. Seek an appointment, set aside some free time and get out there and talk to your target audience. You strangely chose topics of conversation which are the complete opposite to that of Love. I understand why you did this now. Assuming your right, and that your grasp of mankind at this time implies that, mankind much prefers to talk of what's going wrong. Instead of what's going right. Like, How do you think you will die? What are your views of Heaven and Hell? Tell your story of wo

e?. I think maybe this reverse psychology could work if you implement it the way you intended.

However I do feel strongly that you should continue your efforts in receiving the Higher Truths. I would like you to consider, how best you can bring the Truth, to the attention of those in a position of authority on Earth. All our Gods Children and there need is great, if not greater than those who have lived hard and tragic lives. I know this is hard for you to comprehend because you do not perceive the need in them. You do not identify that they have a void equally in their soul, until the Love of God comes to them. You are in a position to influence the hearts and souls of men by turning there attention to God the Father. For Gods Kingdom to be established on Earth the Divine Love needs to

come into the souls of men. Allowing them to develop incarnate, the Perfect and mortal Love God intended us to have. This Perfect Love is usually only developed in the Spiritual Heavens, where souls un-possessed of the Divine Love are fitted to live. As the Laws of Attraction are ever operable.

Our Father is again with Mankind and more persons will become possessed of his Love. Exacting a Divine and Perfect mortal Love on Earth. The numbers enlightened to the Truth will be many. You want others to experience what you have. I know you are keen to make a difference to the lost of mankind. I will assist you and guide you, as will many of our band. You are ready to make changes. Only remember the pen is mightier than the sword, and Gods Love is the mightiest of them all. A message of Love, solidarity, the offering of unconditional love to another human being is a blessing from above, and would not be possible without the Divine Love. The same plan of helping others is not the same, if th

e purpose is not to bring to their attention the Love of God. This pertains only to mortal and moral love, morally good deeds in the name of charity. This is not to say that helping your fellow man is not in Harmony or worth while because it is. It just wont serve to bring another into truth.

You are a natural communicator who has impulsive tendencies. You are direct and sure to make your point understood. This makes you an effective channel to receive communications of the Higher Truths. The Love and understanding in your soul allows you to receive messages important to mankind and to your own personal development. I have spoken enough on this subject as you are tired and need rest. I know this issue of bringing Gods Children into truth is important to you. We will speak of it again soon. This subject is of importance to mankind, and you are all now involved in seeking the possession of the Divine Love. This will enable you and others to share the Perfect Love with those of mankind. This perf

ect state only being possible when God has changed us with Divine Love. This spreading of Love and the knowledge to all on how to seek Divine Love will bring, hope, joy and happiness to your family of Earth.

I do think that a friendship symbol could be adopted, to identify that they are touched and knowledgeable that God the Father can be found within. Not in wood or stone, but inwardly in the hearts and souls of men. Only have faith that Gods Harmony will be seen on Earth through the Will and mind of Mankind.

I am your friend and brother

I am Jesus

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May 3, 2002
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Question i am concerned what will happen to those souls who are in a condition of compensation what will happen to them when the final separation takes place? will they pay full compensation with no possibility of parole into our fathers family?

i would like to tell you what it means by way of the final separation but you may not have enough soul understanding to fully comprehend the meaning but i will do what i can to explain

the final separation will take place it is written therefore so shall it be the time of the final separation is near it has been a long time coming and i spoke of it when i was alive at the time i was in much conflict about this very subject i did not understand why my coming was to save mankind and bring them home to the love of our father knowing that this great privilege would once again be taken away from mortal man ours is not to reason why but to pay full attention while the gift of gods love is still available to mankind god has his own plan as to what he intends to do with all mortals unpossessed of this love so to answer your question then i would have to be god which i am not

as god is love i would say that the existing laws of compensation would remain operable and if appropriate superseded by gods love this is not to say that the final separation will not come but rather that as the laws are decreed by god by so doing they can be made subordinate to the greater will of god so you see ours is not to reason why but to accept what will be from the beginning of time indefinite the father has favoured mankind above all others and mankind has never fully understood about the first time and my purpose for coming to the earth to teach the higher truths to mankind and that their is but one salvation through the only one true god the creator of heaven and earth the alpha and omega

0the beginning and the end this lesson was a tough one for me to learn as i like you understand the ignorance of mankind as to misguided conceptions as to what god is and how we could obtain his love if only mankind would ask on an individual level with all his soul longings to belong to and be part of the father and the celestial kingdom created for sons of god would become their home not that of the spiritual realm but residence in the kingdom of god so to resolve any fears you have for excluded guided souls should not become a stumbling block for you the final separation is to be feared and serves only to remind man that my death did not serve to wipe away the sins of the world but to resto

re the soul quality of love to mortal man and spirit discarnate alike let this not concern you so that you may only see the truth that god is love and the eternal light of the many galaxies and kingdoms as it is in heaven as it is on earth you would not forsake a child if you had the love of god as part of your soul and god the father will not forsake us so rest easy as to the final separation it is not a punishment but an evolution of the way things are to be carried out in the very near future i am glad this subject was of interest of you because it will indeed effect your future with regards things to come i am pleased you were able to receive the message as intended and i will clo

se in saying that you are loved very much by god the father as he has told you i am often sending my thoughts of love and of spiritual things and am very pleased with your soul development you have much of our fathers love and mine that if you could see the improvement you would be very much surprised i love you Lisa. I always have, with my love and blessing you are my friend


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Dec 12, 2001
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Identification Of Soul

That's good. You know your Soul now as Ego. Your Higher self. You listened to your Soul, when you thought that in life you want to be more like your Soul/Ego. You explain. I was discussing how I know I will be happy beyond words when I am with God the father. I commented about Soul longings. I said there is a difference between my Spirit/personality and my Ego. My Spirit/personality knows only mortal ambition. My Spirit/personality is use to only mortal love, with only mortal ambitions. However my Soul/Ego longs to be with God. I said I would like to be more like my Soul/Ego as that part of me has no doubts and places with me God the Father. I acknowledged that my Soul personality was differen

t and better. Confident and willing to Love.

You understand the longings of your Soul. I want you to consider how you can identify your soul and recognise your Soul desires.

The Soul is a place. It is Our Fathers home. It is your Soul. Your desire for what you do not know drives you and your chosen destiny. Your capacity to understand your true self depends on your identification of Soul within. I would like to define the difference between Spirit and Soul. The Soul of man is unique, although prior to carnation it has not experienced individualism. This Soul prior to this state has no concept of trials and tribulations or moral, spiritual achievements. As such this Soul will seek habitation incarnate when an appropriate mortal home has been found. The New Soul will seek that God the Father place them in their new home. A physical covering for the Soul. Understand that each Soul has the opportunity to obtain through this process mortal individuality and they are aware of this opportunity. In the Celestial these experiences are recorded in the Soul, When mortal, lifes experiences are recorded in both your Soul and your Spirit. The memories in your Spirit are lost and found, unlike your Soul your Ego which records all.

Each Soul has a unique and individual destiny. The Soul understands, it does not need to be taught to communicate unlike a baby. The Soul is Ego and existed before its appearance in the flesh. These New Souls before carnation know Love. They know and Love the Father. They have never been without his Love. They know not of the absence of love incarnate. They are not knowledgeable in Soul of the difference between mortal and Divine Love. As such new memories and comparisons can not yet be made. These Souls are Loved by God. These unique and confident Souls are already individuals. They are aware of their destiny in the Earth plane. Which is to return from whence they came. I am trying to convey20that a Soul prior to carnation is individual and as such predisposed to certain behaviours in life. Which results from listening to your Soul understanding/Ego. To listen to your Soul you must define the difference for yourself. The Soul is far superior to the Spirit. The Spirit being of man and the Soul being of God.

Distinguish your thoughts one from the other. This can be achieved by looking at the history of your Soul. In your beginning you were Soul, unique and individual. You were Loved then and you knew it. You were confident, willing, capable, excitable and Loving. All attributes which constitute a large Ego. The Soul is the Loved child in you. The enthusiastic can do, will do attitude. All the positives which accompany Love and belonging. Equipped with everything except mortal individuality and Spiritual body. Your Soul Ego can achieve anything it attempts to achieve. These Souls have a wonderful existence and are challenged to learn about mortal love, an area for which they have no experience. They work as organisers in positions of authority. They are in full possession of the Divine Love of God.

So to distinguish your Soul from your Spirit you must trust that superior intellectual and higher thoughts originate firstly from your Soul. Later assimilated by your Spirit and conscious mind when incarnate. What your Spirit mind and your Soul Ego can comprehend is worth noting here. The Spirit mind/conscious can only understand what it has learned. From the most basic walking and talking, to more complex and specialist learned subject matter. However your Soul contains that which your Spirit may not. It is advantageous to tap into the knowledge and attributes of your Soul. As the Soul is far superior to the Spirit. As Soul you have everything you need to help you grow in happiness and Love. You have God the Father, encouragement, a secure family unit. All you could need. If this understanding was known incarnate you would not hear these words, "no one cares, nobody loves me, I feel alone, I cant do that, I'm not that clever, I dont know how".

All attributes of the Soul are Divine. You knew this once. Your Soul still knows. You can achieve all which you intended to do prior to your current situation place and time. All Souls have one destiny to return from whence they came. Use the Love your Soul has to achieve spiritual goals. Know that you are Loved. Trust your Ego your Soul. The part of you which can achieve anything you set your mind too. Your Soul is confident and capable although your Spirit mind/conscious may lack in grey matter. Appearing, displaying intellectual differences as individuals. This is superficial and inaccurate, as no Earth vocation can compare to the once important position held in Heaven prior to your arrival on Earth. 20If you know you can achieve more than your Spiritual mind is capable of manifesting at this present moment in your life, then you are listening to your Soul. There are many things which you know you could do well but circumstances may not present themselves for you. You can do it. Your Soul knows your capable. Your Spiritual mind/conscious tries to dictate your worth and value, socially, economically. Spirits are a world of under achievers, allowing only mortal aspirations. Unlike the aspirations of Soul which aspires for Love and responsibility. In Heaven the reward for efforts made is Divine Love. This is why in life we are touched deeply by kind words, or soft smile, a warm hand and grateful thanks. Often20this is rare, there may be nobody to pat you on the back when you have done well. No exclusive position to outwardly display self worth. Only payment for services rendered, for whatever task or job. Every act comes with a price.

Labour of Love is the key to your happiness. The labour of the Soul. The Soul is not defeated. It is resilient and is much cleverer than you know, and comparably so when compared to the Spirit mind/conscious/intellect. You have done well to receive this communication of the Higher Truths. You have developed in Soul and will continue to do so whilst seeking the Truth and possession of Divine Love. Continue asking questions. Try to understand. You may think that a piece of information rejected by your brain appears again sometime later. Only this time understood and recatalogued as a new understanding in your conscious brain. Trust your own abilities. You are much more important than you conceive yourself to be

. Listen to your Soul. Your Soul could be likened to the over achiever. Your Soul/Ego is the stuff of dreams when analysed by the Spirit mind/conscious. It is more aware of your current skills and learned abilities. Do not be deceived you are more intelligent than you will let yourself believe. Believe in yourself your Father does. You did once also, its time you did again. I will talk again on this subject when you further develop soul understanding. So I can convey the intended message. You are aware that inner Soul understanding must be present and extracted from your Soul into your Spirit mind/conscious. This ensures that no Higher thought can be received by a channel who is not sufficiently enlig

htened to the Truth. The Love of God is paramount to the receivership of the Higher Truths. Continue to send and accept his Love and your Rapport and Communication of the Higher Truths will continue to improve.

I am your friend and brother. I Love you Lisa you are my friend.

I am Atol. Son of God

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May 11, 2002
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I Want To Tell You About My Home

Jesus is living in the Celestial. He inhabits a very high sphere. I am your friend and brother. I am Atol. I want to say that Love is the only thing wanted by God the Father. He requires that his Children come to him in love. He knows more than you could possibly imagine, or need to know. I will tell you how you can become closer to our Father.

I live in Heaven in the Celestial. I am very close to Jesus. He is my brother as he is yours. I also live in a high sphere and commune with Jesus on a continuos basis. We are connected through a group conscious. We are messengers of the Will of God. He wants his Children to return to him. I want you to know that God's Love is unique. His Love can seem overwhelming. We only need to address our Father to receive his Love. We have the advantage with regard to seeing the wonderful gift of God's Love being bestowed.

I teach that the Love of God is available to all who will seek it, in this life or the next. I think you know this only too well. I would like to say that it matters not which God on Earth that you have adopted as your own, because all prayers reach their desired destination. The one true God in Heaven. Creator of Heaven and Earth.

My home is very beautiful. It is lit constantly with the light from the Love of God. There are many themes here, and everything is perfect as our Father intended. I have many homes in Heaven. However I spend most time in my natural sphere, where my soul understanding permits me to live. I know it is difficult to comprehend a place of such beauty, but it exists and becomes more beautiful as it is filled with the souls of our Father's Children. Know that Heaven could never fill to capacity, as it keeps getting bigger. I particularly like the Earth period you would call Jurassica. We have this here, everything is perfect as God intended. He provides for his Children in every way. God the Father speaks

to us always. Conversations are often shared within the group conscious. No conversation is off limits. A joke shared here is spread far and wide. With that carries laughter and happiness. Our Father has a very funny sense of humour and like's to share his thoughts with us. There is never a dull moment. We are stimulated and challenged to take greater responsibility for our brother's and sister's to be.

I have worked closely with Jesus since his very beginning. I was one of many ministering angels when he was incarnate. We would discuss mankind, and how best he could deliver the Higher Truths of God the Father. The emphasis was always on greater communion with God. His training is very similar to what mankind is experiencing now, on a soul level. More messages of the Higher Truths are reaching mankind. More and more individuals are becoming aware of their conscious mind. This may seem like a global phenomenon with an up-surge of false prophets, again manipulating others and causing confusion in the minds of men. Things are changing and all of mankind will soon come to know that God is with them. These chan

ges are occurring now. It is God's Will that his spirit again be received amongst mankind. More persons will commune with our Father in prayer.

It should not be a fear that you will not be re-united with your Father. All children will eventually, because this is what God intended. He does not fail. The Harmony of God's Will is such that all good things will come to the child who seeks the Love of God. Prayer does not have to be formal, have a chat, tell him about your day. Tell him you need and want his Love. Seek guidance in how you can reach those that could most benefit from knowing of God's great Love. He offers title as Son, Daughter to the Alpha and Omega, and entrance into his Celestial Kingdom. I am your friend, I would like to write to you again soon. I have much I want to say.

With Love and Blessing

I am, Atol



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Dec 27, 2001
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How To Remove Error and be in Harmony with the Greater Will of God

I want to say that you now understand more about Atonement, in self than before. You understand why events of disharmony does harm to the spirit. I want to explain why the Harmony of God's Will is essential to Spiritual well-being. I will say that God's Will is Love.

I intend that you understand that disharmony against the Will of God is learned, and can be removed with self analysis. All which is not in Harmony with the Greater Will of God, must be recalled and removed in truth. This process is not as simple as it sound's. For the Laws of Atonement to be actioned in you whilst incarnate , takes will power and courage to face your own error. Ask for guidance in your prayer to the one true God, the Alpha and Omega. Atonement can be instant. Other times when soul understanding is not developed, atonement in Truth may take a little longer. Be patient, just the intention of atonement puts your soul with closer union with God the Father.

There are many evils of mankind present in the minds and hearts of God's children. This error and disharmony is learned and effects your spiritual and soul development. The effects upon you are more prevalent than you might think. The Harmony of our Fathers Will is just that, "Harmony". Within ourselves is a vault of ruthful images. These images, experiences serve to identify what you as an individual stand for or against. Some of the experience you hold about the World is not in Harmony. Images you have witnessed via the media, books, your own eyes and imagination. These are external influences which are not in Harmony, and should for spiritual well-being be removed in truth. This does not mean that what you ha

ve witnessed is not the truth. It means what you have witnessed is against the Harmony and Will of God.

The term hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil could be applied here. We see and hear everyday events which are not in Harmony with the Will of our Father. We then demonstrate Free Will, as to our own interpretation of the facts presented to us. We then sort and file this information in our conscious mind. Choosing to speak of these facts and truths of mankind to others. In so doing causing disharmony to exist, making your own, and speaking disharmony and evils to others. These images may consist of child or animal cruelty, or scenes of graphic murder. I said this disharmony was learned, and from a very young age.

You would not call yourself an assassin, but you know how to do it, how to kill. All external images from movies and television are recorded in your soul memory. You are potentially a trained assassin. Trained against the Harmony of Gods Will. So when does this disharmony become a sin? When it becomes a manifestation in your mind, a haunting image you wished you had never seen? When you break the laws of mankind? When you continue to embrace disharmony? I want you to consider this for yourself. It is not enough to pray to God for forgiveness without making some effort yourself. Think closely about yourself and the disharmony you have identified. Once this disharmony has been identified, go to G

od in prayer. Explain to him your current understanding of the facts. Ask that he Love you now as indeed he always has. Ask for his understanding and Love.

Be encouraged, you are Loved by the Creator, our Father. He will never be angry or unkind. He is available for you, make yourself available to him. He wants to Love you and make you his own. Come to him in Truth and Love, seeking only to be as he, Love and Harmony. Once you have established who you are, and who you stand for it will be easier to purge your mind of cruel images. When you acknowledge what is in ruth, you can learn to forget. This error in you has served it's purpose. To keep this disharmony with you is not good and allows only the Love of Man to manifest in you. Seek God the Father. He will bestow a Love Divine, to reach your soul and free you from hatred and ruth.20 Only remember that this is a consistent and on going process. Once disharmony has been identified and removed, demonstrate Free Will. Align your will with the Will of God. Seek that no error does creep back into your mind. Seek always Love and strength from God the Father. Your Father. If only you would ask it would be so.

With Love and Blessing's

I am


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May 1, 2002
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I Want To Talk About Unity

In Heaven there is not Unity as you perceive it. Unity is such, that it is yet to come. This change to the Greater Will of God has been known since the beginning. I know this great event will soon be made manifest. It will be a celebration of a new Earth and new Heaven.

The Earth as you know it will remain. The changes of which I speak, concerns spiritual awareness. Mankind will come to know that God the Father is with them. This will be brought about by the Greater Will of God. It is a fact that the Holy Spirit is conveying this very change right now. In the souls of his Children.

This change is happening on and in the minds of men. What happens is their ability to receive communication is restored. As it was in the first time, when God the Father was with mankind. This privilege of receiving God's Love was taken away. Only to be restored with the coming of Jesus. Jesus came to teach all those that would hear his voice, about the rebestowal of God's Love. A Divine gift to all those that would seek for it. He taught others to Love God selflessly, and that they would be rewarded with entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. With acceptance as a child of the one true God the Alpha and Omega.

It has been called the time of separation. Which means the time of separation is soon due, to come to an end. The gift of God's Divine Love has not ended, nor has it been foretold this will be so. Our Fathers Will is that he again will come unto mankind. Many will be affected by his Love coming into their lives. It soon will not be necessary to seek God, as he will make known his presence to all, in their time of need. Continue to send Love He will make known to many that they are sons and daughters to him.

There will be disharmony, but in time mankind will evolve, and learn to Love one another, as I have Loved you. This is an exiting time for us here in Gods Kingdom. With much work yet to be done. Only when those entering Heaven and finding their home in the Celestial Heavens, can we say that there will be Unity in Heaven. The changes for which I speak are of great importance to mankind. I bring a message of hope and truth. That shortly there will be a change to mankind's ability to receive communications, from the one true God.

This does not mean that the whole of mankind will be opened up to Celestial and Spiritual guidance. It means that through the Holy Spirit, God will claim his Children as his own, whilst still in the flesh. This will cause an awakening of awareness, and activate soul understanding. When this happens the Love of God made flesh.

As his redeemed Children, they will know of his Love. They will speak of it to others. As what is good and true originates in Heaven. So these Earth changes will take place. Redeemed Children will demonstrate their Free Will, in Harmony towards one another. Accepting each other as family to be.

There has always been one war or another in Earth's history, and I have no comment to make on the current state of affairs. Other than saying that all war is against the Will of God. All which is in error shall fall. As it is in Heaven, as it is on Earth. Or least that was the case in the beginning and will be again.

I do not want to imply that persons possessed of the Divine Love will be listened too. It is a personal, individual occasion. Rebirth as an acknowledged and accepted child of God the Father. There will be those, in there desire to manipulate others, claim to be the new Jesus, because the Holy Spirit has spoken to them and called them son. These people will be ridiculed. What you must see here is that soul understanding may not be understood by the receiver. So the claims of the many that they are Gods Children in the flesh, will become more common.

This is all I intend to speak on the subject of Unity. Until such a time when your own questionings with regard to mankind relationship to God is looked at more closely. I will speak to you again soon. Wait until you understand that Love is the greatest force in all creation, and the very essence of our Father. Good will triumph over evil and again God will come unto mankind. I am pleased how you received this message. I am satisfied with your soul improvement. You will deliver more messages of the Higher Truths as your soul develops. You have much work ahead of you, as your service to the one true God.

I will say to you that your desire to come home early, is against the Will of God. You have been told that taking your life, to be with God and your family is not his intention for you at this time. I understand that you are not un-happy, but you know you would be happier with those of the Celestial, whom possess the Divine Love. Your time will come, as it does to us all when mortal and incarnate. You are my friend and my sister in Truth. You are the Rebel MC who plays music to me. I am your friend and friend to mankind. I worship and obey the one true God in Heaven, Creator of you and me. I am Loved, you are Loved.

I am Atol, Son of God




We are Unity and all we want is your lovin

Gonna make you feel tranquillity,

Keep moving your mind in and out

Coz that's what where about.

Let there be no boundaries, and no wall

Keep striving for the top, we can have it all

Its the message that we bring, in life all we need in Unity.

Reach deep into your soul, let your mind be free

This is Unity

Throw your weapons down, get off the battle ground

Cant you see, all we need is Unity

Reach deep into your soul, let the love be free

All we need is Unity

Think more to yourself, Let your mind be free

It's time to make a stand, think of your brother man

Peoples take a stand, let your mind be free

This is Unity

We are Unity and all we want is your body

Gonna make you feel tranquillity, let your mind free

This is Unity


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May 02, 2002
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I am Atol. I Want To Talk Of Progress

I am very pleased with the texts you have received. They contain the Higher Truths of God the Father. All that is required to understand these texts is an open mind. The ability to perceive in your soul the truths of eternal happiness. Your understanding of the Higher Truths has developed along with your ability to receive these important communications. You are Loved by God the Father. He is with you often sending his Divine Love into your soul. I want you to fully understand that the communications delivered through you are of great importance to mankind. You are chosen by God to receive these communications and many more truths of God the Father will be disclosed through you. As your soul understands and

0improves your ability to convey the truth as we intend it to be received. This depends much on your soul condition. It also has effect on the truth presented, as interpreted by your mind.

The Laws of Rapport and communication are important factor's in the receivership of the Higher Truths. No information can be passed from spirits to mortals unless rapport has been established. A spirit discarnate can communicate with the living this way. Rapport is only possible if the sender is in a like condition of attraction with the receiver. As operable with the Laws of Attraction. Simply put, like attracts like. Both in Heaven and Earth with regard spiritual communications and the Laws of Attraction. It is important that you try and understand the Higher Truths revealed through you. For you to be in attraction to Celestials possessed of the Divine Love, you must raise your awareness and seek always the Love of20God the Father. This will ensure that messages of truth are of the highest calibre, and contain fundamental truths of God the Father. Which is the purpose of these communications being written.

Our Father is again with mankind, and there is a need to know the truth of your real Father. The one true God the Alpha and Omega. Many more messages of the Higher Truths will be made available to mankind. Many will experience the great Love of God for which I speak. This Love is special and it is no longer a mystery as to how it can be obtained. To all I say this, that God is to be found within. To commune with God you need only speak from within your soul to his soul. Soul to Soul. Let your need for Love drive you to the truth. He will make you his own, and he will become your Father as he is mine. Many communications of the Higher Truths will be received by mankind. You

have not been chosen because qualities different from the rest of mankind. You are the same as them. However the time was right for you to come unto the Father. This difference and none other allowed your suitability for receiving the Higher Truths. Of your own free will you work now for God. The Alpha and Omega. Your enthusiasm to know and understand the truth has developed in your soul. You are now growing in the perfect love. Which can only happen as a result of partaking in Divine Love.

To all I say we are indeed equal in God's eyes. Differences in God's children is this, those possessed of the Divine Love and those seeking the Divine Love. If you do not know of this Love then you are a seeker. Even if you never knew it. This is all I want to disclose at this time. I will write again soon. Your loving brother Atol. Son of God.

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May 3, 2002
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Life and Death

I am here, your brother Luke. Who do you believe to be, the one true Son of God? Jesus of Nazareth. Who do you worship and obey? I worship and obey the one true God in Heaven. Creator of Heaven and Earth the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Where do you live? I live in the Celestial. Which house do you belong? Jacob.

I have something of great importance to tell you. You are my friend and I Love you. You are my sister, and my friend. What I have to tell you concerns you, and the future of mankind. I am your friend, I will not lie to you. Mankind will realise to late, to many souls will be lost to society, and it will be to late for many to realise the Higher Truths. I would like to tell you about Life and Death.

As you know, on Earth, mankind has been in error and in need of the Truth. I will tell you what I can. In a way, I am sure you will understand. Firstly death is not the end, only the beginning. You have been told this before by Jesus. He is my witness, as I am yours. Hate is torture, Love is life. They should not be confused with any other teaching. This is often confused with that of Heaven and Hell. This is not the case, and can often leads to the death of a soul, after their life on Earth has ended. What I am trying to communicate here is, what you believe in life determines much, on how you are housed in spirit. This is called the Laws of Attraction and Rapport, which I have

spoken of before. I will join you in prayer this evening, when you pray for the inflowing of the Divine Love. I have spoken enough for this Evening, as you are getting tired. Remember I Love you, and I will always tell you the truth. You are my friend, and I Love you.

All my love and affection, your brother Luke

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Sep 26, 2001
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The Laws Of Rapport

I will begin with, the Laws of Rapport. This Law is written, and the Laws are, that no living person can be contacted by any spirit in the afterlife. Permission must be granted, by one of many angels. I am of the belief that you especially, are receptive to spirits. This is because you are a chosen tool, to do Gods work. You are my sister and I love you. You are my friend, I will tell you the rules of engagement, for spirits that wish to have Rapport. As I said, they must first seek permission, then they can approach the living person whom they wish to contact. In your case, you are open to all spirits. By this I mean spirits, who have, and have not received rebirth into Gods family. I20am your friend, and I will not lie to you. You must listen to the words I say. You are in danger of becoming opened up to spirits of all kinds, this can sometimes be confusing. You will need be able to try spirits, before you talk to them. This can be done in an organised way. You must first ask to whom you speak, they should tell you their name. If they do not give their name, you should not talk to them. If you suspect you are being lied to, then you probably are, you must try not to be confused when you speak to them. Some will try and deceive you, and even tell you that God does not Love you. Even tell you, there is know God. Only a paradise, which he calls Arched Heathe

n. I speak of a god of men, of destruction and desecration. He brings suffering and pain to those souls that have not been reborn into the Kingdom of God.

You must try all spirits, when trying spirits, the reply you should receive is that, they worship and obey, the one true God in Heaven. The Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Ask how they offer thanks and praise, ask where they live. If they do not know, this would mean they are alone in the afterlife, or it could mean that someone is trying to make you think that. If they are in Leven they are most certainly spirits, of a goodly nature, who have not yet received the newbirth. Those here are awaiting the next phase. These spirits are your friends, and would not harm you or your family. If they say they are from Arched Heathen then they are not to be trusted,

0and you should refuse to talk to them. Know matter if they say they worship the one true God in Heaven, because this is a lie. You should ask which house do they belong. You belong to the house of judah.

I am your brother Luke.


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Sep 25 2001
Received by L.K.
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The Laws Of Rapport Part 2

I am Luke, I am your friend, and I promised, I will never lie to you. You are my friend, and I care about you more than you know. I want to tell you about the Laws of Rapport. It is of more importance to you now than ever before. I am sorry you were left sad, your Father, our Father, God the Father alone will protect you. I will tell you, what must be done to ensure your protection whilst still incarnate, and of the Earth. When those of the Celestial have returned home, after their visit with you, you must then close down both your intellect, the mind and the connection to the Celestial and Spiritual. Those of the Celestial, can now have deep Rapport with you. As the Love of God, is containe

d within your soul to a great extent now. So those with Love for you, can communicate in Love Justice and Truth.

Those in the Spiritual realm, and that of Leven will contact you, in away approved. In the Harmony of Gods Will, as operable with the Laws of Rapport. However as you have much Love for your brothers and sisters to be, you are then open up to communication. Through Love and the love of man. The love of what is not of man comes to you from, darkened spirits of man, not possessed with the Love of God.

You must protect yourself, and I will tell you what must be done. In the event of Celestial absence, which I can not foresee as a future occurrence, you must follow what I tell you. As the only protection available to thee. You must immediately ask for the protection of the one true God, the Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end. You must ask, that his Divine Love be your shield and protection. You must say that your Will in him, you rest and reside. Ask that he close all Rapport, except that of the Love of God and that of Justice. Tell God, that in trust you put your soul, for him to protect.

I am your brother Luke, I Love you. Do not forget, what I have said. In God you must put your Will and trust. To God alone shall rapport, come unto you. Love and Justice, prove your sweet reward. For all service given. You are my sister, whom I have Loved most dear, since I ever did hear your voice, and felt your Love so near. I am proud to call you my sister. I am Luke your brother, and apostle friend.


I Want To Tell You About Life And Death

I cant tell you why there are different religions and sects, but I will tell you that religions will come and go. There meanings long forgotten. When someone learned in religion dies, he will not go to the Celestial Heaven, he will enter the Spiritual realm. This place is for mankind, that do not believe in the one true GOD. Of the many religions, many will have more than one God. They will continue to worship as they did on Earth. They have prayer, and a City which resembles places of worship on Earth. They do not know the one true God. They may or may not find him, this depends largely on how they conducted themselves in life and Free Will, when incarnate.

I would like to tell you a story about a little girl, who had the courage and foresight, to seek God in her heart. One day she asked her parents, where does God come from? The Mother replied that she herself, did not know. So the mother set about, to ask the clergy. When the mother arrived at the church, she asked her question. Where does God come from, as my daughter and I wish to know. The priest replied that he to, did not know, and that he did not have the answer. So this went on, until one day, when the girl was bigger and brighter, she asked the question again. Where does God come from, and where can I find him? She asked the clergy, she asked her family, but none could tell20her where she could find God, or where he came from. So the little girl, went away tired and dejected.

Then came the day, when a stranger was to pass, through her village. He met and spoke to the young girl. He asked her did she, have any questions she wished to ask God. She said, where are you, and where do you come from? The girl did not receive the answer she expected, and she was about to turn away and leave. When she heard a voice from inside her mind. The voice said, I am your Father, and am with you always. All you had to do, was to look inside to find me. I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. you are my daughter and I Love you. You have tried to find me, but you were looking in the wrong place. Go now and speak to me every day. I am here for

0you, all you had to do was look. Go now, little girl and speak of your Love for me every often, and I shall reward you with Divine Love, and rebirth into the Kingdom Oof God. Go now my child, I Love you. You are my friend and I Love you.


One day whilst out walking, when I was a small child. I happened upon a small wooden box, when I opened the box, the contents glistened and were of the strangest material, I had ever seem. So I kept the box and took it home. Years later, a stranger called at my door, and he asked, had I the curious brown wooden box. I replied, yes I have, please tell me what the curious objects are inside? The stranger replied they are the tears of the saints, and their beautiful song. I opened the box and behold, I saw the glittering tears of the saints, and heard their beautiful song. It was then, I spoke to my Father, and from that moment, he has never left my side.


How To Seek The Divine Love

What I have to tell you concerns the Higher Truths. My name is Michael. I am your friend, and I Love you. You are my sister, and my friend. Who do you believe is the one true Son of God? The one true Son of God is Jesus of Nazareth. Who do you worship and obey? The one true God in Heaven, the Alpha and Omega. The Creator of Heaven and Earth. Where do you live? I live in the Celestial. Which house do you belong? Jacob. The Higher Truths, I speak of are of great importance to mankind. I am speaking to you Lisa as you are closer to Gods Love than you think. I am your friend, I will tell you no lies. I want to tell you how to be closer to Gods Love. You20must first tell him that you Love him, then you must offer thanks and praise. For the hope and happiness he gives. You should ask for the inflowing of the Divine Love, which can only be obtained from asking of Gods Love. Happiness and Love is what he gives, to all his children, whom ask to receive his Love. Happy is he, who loves God.

I have spoken of Love and happiness, and it is this message which I teach. Seek God, in all which you undertake. Seek his Divine Love often. This does not have to be a formal prayer, just open your soul to God, and he will find you. If your desire for the Truth, and for his Divine Love is true, and without sin. He will not refuse you. You are my friend, and my sister. I Love you. You have been chosen by God to deliver this message of Love, to the World. You are to publish these messages, which have been delivered during the beginning of your training of the Higher Truths. I am your friend and will write many more messages, of the Higher Truths, in the future. I have written enough

for this Evening, you have done well. I will pray with you tonight, for the inflowing of Divine Love. Remember I am your friend, and I Love you, your brother Michael.

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