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The Etheric World: The Etheric Body and Ties (to objects/people)

    February 2005

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This page covers the information given on etheric ties or cords that can exist between an etheric body and objects, people or lost pieces of soul. In the beginning of 2005 I decided it was more constructive to start off with the more recent articles and then work my way backwards. Since I already started with the oldest, I let them be, and they appear below the red line. Above the red line the chronologically is from new to old.

This article from december 2004 speaks about the releasing of etheric cords between people. If person A releases the etheric cords with person B it is said that such a release may actually cause the cords to 'snap' back from A to B causing harm for person B. The advice is to allow for a 24 hours release which would stop the 'snap' from taking place thereby preventing unnecessary harm.


Primarily, how do ascending initiates alter the energy flow with others around oneself? Generally speaking, those who are ascending dismantle straight-line energy flow that allows for cords of attachment between one etheric body and another’s etheric body, or etheric machines that may intertwine oneself with many others. As the cords and etheric machines fall away due to the rising of vibration and quickening of the molecular structure within, the cords and ties implode back upon the other non-ascending field or fields. If two are ascending together, often cords between the two can be released concurrent or simultaneously allowing for non-implosion between fields. However this is difficult if one is ascending and the other or others are not.

Up until ascension began about a decade ago, the only time that cords imploded in this manner back upon another has been in death. In death, cords between oneself and the deceased party to implode in upon the field. Often this collapses the heart chakra if there was a sense of love between oneself and the one who has died. The sensation of grief is actually the result of the imploding cords between one’s heart and the one that one loved at the time of death. Mila has had some success in guiding those experiencing a death to unravel the cords imploding the heart chakra, and as this is accomplished, the grief ceases.

Imploding cords also cause the chakras to shatter in the field of another that one has released attachment unto due to ascension. In so being, there may be a response within the other of either getting ill as with flu like symptoms, sorrow or grief at the loss of the ties, or anger at feeling violated or trespassed upon in the unconscious exchange. It is for this reason that ascending and non-ascending relationships can become turbulent or explosive over time.


Can one buffer the release of the ties that bind? One way to minimize the reverberation of one’s ascension upon others is to intend to delay the returning cords over 24 hours through intention so that chakras within another fail to be shattered. This is what Mila and Oa have intended and has special angels to fulfill upon this, as they do not wish to create needless harm; so can others intend the same. This also minimizes turbulence in the experience of their organization, which is a great gift.

Another solution is to pull in another to fulfill the role that one held for the individuals one is releasing ties to in their life dance due to ascension. Most that are attached to oneself depend upon oneself in some unconscious manner. As one pulls in another of parallel inheritance and karma to fulfill upon one’s unconscious role, then the unconscious dance can be transferred unto the other. Then the dependency upon oneself will be transferred unto another and one is free to ascend in greater ease.

Mila discovered this in her own life dance with her mother and son in particular. She perceived that her spouse’s sister had parallel lineages to herself. She transferred the dependency that her son had upon her to her sister in law, who moved in and took care of her son for many years thereafter. There was karma settled in the dance, and so this was supportive of all concerned in an evolutionary sense, and allowed her son to continue to feel “mothered” in a parallel manner to how Mila had mothered him.

Interestingly enough, the personality entities that had danced in Mila’s field at the time that she mothered her son moved to her sister-in-law in the exchange. Towards the end of the relationship with her son, he defiantly said to her one day “You are not my mother! My mother has become an angel”. In reality her son perceived the persona detaching from Mila’s field that was now in the nonphysical and he associated with “mother”. Later this persona entered the sister in law and continued to parent Mila’s son. In so being, there was less trauma in the life changes of all concerned in Mila’s departure.

Mila moved her brother’s wife into the position of care taking her mother in parallel manner. Mila’s mother is an “out of control channel”, or in other terms, lets anything into her field that wishes to do so without boundaries. This led to abusive entities that had been violent towards Mila in childhood. Over time, Mila learned to control the violent beings that would enter her mother’s field making for a smoother and less difficult relationship.

Mila did not wish to release all of these ties and then subject the rest of the family to the insanity her mother was prone unto; and so she transferred the responsibility on to her sister-in-law who had parallel gifts in the unconscious as a “psychic control”. The sister-in-law quite naturally took over the responsibility of monitoring the entities in and out of Mila’s mother’s field. This allowed for a smooth transition without needless drama and trauma upon the family in Mila’s choice to ascend.

Mila has advised other ascending associates over time who have found themselves completing with family, friends or spouses and significant others to push the next in line to fulfill upon the unconscious dance and karmic agreements into the role that they are leaving behind. This then transfers the unconscious codependency upon another of parallel ancestry freeing up the associate to ascend. Sometimes as one does so, the spouse, friend or family member will find another partner or friend that may be very much like oneself in nature. Several associates in the midst of a divorce discovered that their soon to be ex-spouse had drawn in a new lover. The new lover in some cases appeared and acted much as themselves, and took over the energetic responsibilities that they once provided, and they were free then to conclude the relationship and ascend.

Mila recalls the new women that entered her ex spouse’s dance after she completed with him. The new beloved not only conceived a child in a few short weeks after the relationship was consummated, which is exactly what had occurred for Mila, but also was also was very much like Mila in nature. So this may be so for many who choose to complete and push another with parallel ancestry and karma into their place in the dance of life. The “other” will be another one of oneself.

Understand that this is not wrong; karma is karma and it must be settled. Each inherits a small portion of karma for each lineage that one is born with. One is only responsible for clearing one’s own portion of the karma, and there are thousands of others to clear the rest of the karma associated with each inheritance. Therefore there will be plenty of others to push into one’s role with others; and one need not know who they are upon the physical plane. The intent to do so is adequate, and the Ancient Ancestors will assist to allow ascension to be easier for those willing to walk this difficult path of ascension.


Sometimes regardless of how one may buffer the returning cords of attachment unto another, turmoil is still the result. What happens then? It is karma that often causes turmoil. Karma is an agreement that causes the flow of chi, power or information in one direction unto another. Others may depend upon the chi, power or information that they collect from oneself to hold their positions in the world, or with family or at work. Suddenly there is less power, information or chi provided by oneself unto another as the cords of attachment that allowed for the exchange have been released through ascension. Now the non-ascending party feels less than, worthless or underpowered. Out of such a state of being, they may attack in an attempt to cause one to re-engage in the unconscious pattern.

Sometimes it is the nature of ascending folk to heal others by synthesizing their fields for them; this is often the case of those who are healers, counselors, doctors, herbalists, massage therapists or other associated careers. Often those taking such roles in society are gifted at healing and synthesizing others so that they find balance within. This is the result of codependent relations with friends, family and clients who depend upon oneself to remain in balance. As one ascends, one begins to break such agreements and the cords of attachment that they occur through, ceasing to heal others unconsciously.

This is necessary, for those who unconscious heal will often utilize 30% to 70% of their chi in any given day to clear the field of others. Beyond a certain point one must cease to participate in the dance of unconscious healing or one can ascend no further. The reality is that ascension requires chi to be fulfilled upon. The more of one’s chi is tied up taking care of others in any capacity, the less chi that there is to ascend one’s own biology and energy flow. Over time and the further one ascends, those who are the unconscious healers in any circumstance must break the ties that allow for such a dance, releasing the associated attachment and machinery along with karma. As all karma is released, there is no longer an agreement to heal others in such a manner.

Sometimes as this occurs, the friend or client may fall away from one’s life dance, as they no longer “benefit” as they once did in the prior association with oneself. Such folk may even get angry in the process and, if there is additional karma of another nature, choose to cause one a hassle or problem of a greater nature; as in suing oneself for malpractice, or dissuading others from utilizing one’s services into the future out of bitterness.

The real cause of the bitterness is the inability to forgive another for ceasing to heal them in the unconscious, or empower them, or provide them life force or chi unto them. One cannot take responsibility for the inability of another to forgive; although it is often the nature those who are ascending into to do so. The bottom line is that no one can ascend another and no one can forgive for another. Each must learn to release their attachment through forgiveness and stand sovereign in energy flow, for the energy movement of the Great Central Sun requires sovereign fields to rotate around.


Sticky cords of attachment between parties will not allow for holographic flow; therefore each aware of the path of ascension must intend to move ahead allowing oneself to separate from all others in terms of direct attachment between one etheric body and another. Otherwise one may not live to witness the coming times of cleansing as earth enters the Great Central Sun dream or be available to support the ascending children left orphaned ahead.

The Great Central Sun dream is a strong holographic movement. Those who are heavily attached to one another and have not perished in the cleansing prior to entry will find themselves imploding as a group upon one another due to the push and pull of energies associated with the holographic dream therein. Therefore releasing enough attachment between self and others is a requirement to survive entry into the sun and beond.

Does releasing attachment and codependent patterning create loneliness? In reality, attachment creates more loneliness than non-attachment. Attachment allows for one party to depress their feelings upon another. Mila discovered over time that most of the loneliness that she felt or the longing to be with another was really the result of having the energy of another in her field, or another’s emotional body intertwined with her own. As she learned to return the energy to the rightful owner, retrieve her own energy flow, and disentwine emotional bodies, the result was a feeling of self-love and empowerment within.
The Dance of Relationship in Ascension (2004)

This article from November 1999 presents us with information on the possibility of cords between the etheric body and objects or people.

Some who suffer from the arrogance of hoarding believe they deserve to 'have more' than others because they are worth more. The other side of this pattern are those who conversely believe they must 'have less' than their soul actually needs to fulfill their mission, because they believe that poverty is a part of the spiritual path.

The act of creation begins with a vision of what one wishes to manifest. Such a vision requires chi to make manifest in the physical. As one manifested the objects they have envisioned at times past within their life experience, the energy that created the manifestation in the first place caused a form of attachment. The greater the number or size of the manifestations, the larger the attachment. The attachment can be viewed as cords extending from the initiate's etheric body to every object they own. When one ascends, at a certain juncture, such attachments will have to be released, or it will drain so much chi from one's field that one will be unable to push up any further in vibration. The only solution may be to relinquish the object thereby relieving oneself from the attachment.

There have been those initiates who have believed that they could somehow alter the energy flow so that the attachment could be released without actually giving the object away. However, in our channel's experience (along with all affiliates of their organization who have attained Bodhisattva), this is more difficult to accomplish than originally thought. Most initiates who have attained Bodhisattva within the past twelve months are also discovering that they must let go of their physical plane objects at a certain juncture of their evolution in order to proceed any further up in vibration.

For many, such a release comes hand-in-hand with a life change or a new relationship or a move to another region of the world that better supports their continued evolution. For attachment can also include the region where one lives. Due to the density of certain highly populated regions of Earth, one can reach a certain point in their evolution where they must move to a less dense region to continue to ascend up in vibration. Such a move will quite naturally bring forth a relinquishing of possessions that have been accrued potentially for a lifetime. In such a release, there is a great sense of freedom that follows.

In one case, an initiate who has been a recognized developer of high rises in the Honolulu area discovered that her property became an extreme burden. The burden was felt as an energetic weight so great that at a recent juncture of her evolution, continued ownership of her home took away more chi than she could sustain in a given day, causing her great physical pain and tiredness. As a result, she sold her home and has given away much of her personal belongings that no longer serve her. The newfound sense of freedom in her experience outweighs the burden of the ownership of property inherent in energetic attachment.

It is the arrogance of hoarding that prevents initiates from relinquishing objects that do not serve soul or the process of ascension. In ascension, one learns to surrender all objects that no longer serve soul in the process of ascension. One also learns to surrender all manifestations to their soul along with God/Goddess/All That Is. Co-creation is an act in which soul sends the vision of what it views as a necessary manifestation within the initiate's life experience. The initiate receives the vision and then sets the act of manifestation in motion by energizing the vision. As the vision comes to fruition, one step at a time, the initiate gives feedback to soul surrounding the progress of their co-created manifestation. In the arrogance of hoarding, one fuels visions into manifestation that are ego-based rather than those visions that come from soul.

Receiving the impressions of soul is a necessary attribute for those desiring to ascend at this time in history. The visions of soul often come in the form of a future life experience that is run through one's head like a movie. As one pays attention to the movie and then intends to make it manifest, one brings the manifestations of soul into their physical plane reality.

The difficulty for initiates will be in determining which visions come from soul and which come from the many other entities that may co-direct the personality, ego and negative ego. Much like the telepathic channels, which are like a radio, vision comes through many channels much like a television. One must learn to focus on those channels that soul communicates through to the exclusion of all others. Soul communicates at the highest of vibrations that one can reach. As one learns to reach for the highest visions that are coming from soul, one will also learn to distinguish between those that are ego-based and those that are an authentic vision from spirit. Then one only chooses to make manifest those visions that come from spirit.
The Seven Pitfalls Upon the Spiritual Path (1999)

This next article from February 2000 tells us of the possibility that you might be constantly leaking energy to so-called lost parts of soul. Parts that were schismed over during the ascension process.

Because incomplete ascension appears to be the only form of human ascension known on Earth, it is natural even in one's current ascension to begin to create an incomplete ascension in the initiation process. As a matter of fact, this is such a large problem that our own channels discovered hundreds and hundreds of parts of their own soul that had been left behind or schismed since they began their ascension process many years ago. As the fact that they were on their way to an incomplete ascension was revealed, they consciously chose to retrieve all schisms left behind thus far in their own biological ascension.

Retrieving such schisms revealed many causes that we would like to share for others who are likewise also ascending at this time in history. A schism in the act of ascension leaves a crack in the auric field. This crack can be traced to a particular cord attached to the etheric body of the form and will lead to the piece of soul that was left behind at an earlier juncture in one's ascension. The crack in the auric field left behind in any schism creates a pathway to the embodiment that allows for initiates to leak chi and potentially experience energetic attack from others or provides the means to perpetrate or receive unconscious harmfulness.

Within the piece of soul that has schismed may be a record of a traumatic event, such as an abduction or rape that has gone unprocessed. As the traumatic event is processed, the schism is healed. As the schism is healed and all schisms closed entirely in one's field, the auric field becomes less permeable to loss of chi or inward or outward forms of harmfulness.

Our channels have found that schisms tend to fall into categories. If a particular part of one's ascension has been skipped at one stage, each time that the same portion of one's field is addressed, one will schism yet again leaving yet another portion of one's soul behind. Additionally, a portion of the biology is also skipped over, leaving a pocket of cellular structure that has not become crystalline or has not been resurrected out of a state of decay.

Often, these schisms will be directly related to a particular pattern that an initiate just may not wish to face in themselves. We will use the following as an example. Bob and Sue are married. Sue is afraid of ending her marriage and knows if she releases all karma with Bob that the marriage will quite naturally end. This ending of the marriage is the result of the fact that Bob is not ascending at this time, and therefore when the karma is complete, they will go their separate ways. Instead of completing all karma with Bob, Sue in her fear of leaving Bob, schisms over every segment of initiation that would cause her to release her karma with him in full. In the end, Sue cannot leave Bob and cannot ascend beyond a certain point until she leaves him. She has not released her karma and therefore cannot leave him and finds herself in a catch-22 situation.
Soul Schisms and Recasting in Ascension (2000)

In June 2000 we can read about karma and the role karma may play in creating chi-absorbing cords between people.

All karma itself is recorded into the lay lines of the grid work of the etheric body. It is like or parallel karma that causes the cords from the grid work in one persons form to attach to like karma recorded in the grid work of another persons form. The cords of attachment create a hole in the auric field that allows chi to be lost. Such ongoing loss of chi sabotages one's ascension as one must continually accumulate more chi in order to push up in vibration. As the karma is released in one or both forms, it is erased from the grid work allowing the cord between the two parties to dissolve simultaneously. As the cords are released, the related holes in the auric field cease, and the auric field quite naturally holds more chi, which leads to an increase in vibration or ascension.
Following One's Own Truth in Ascension (2000)

In the same month, in an article from the Order of Rize, we are being informed about the phenomenon they call 'Ownership Signatures'.

Ownership and possession underlie all attachment. Attachment can be viewed as cords extending from one human form to another human which are held in place by karma. The karma is recorded in the etheric body and genetics of the form. Such attachment allows energy to be sent from one human to another via the cord, along with information, grid work, chakras, chi and sexual energy. In essence, the one giving the chi or information is settling a karmic debt of receiving chi and information in a prior incarnation.

The cords are held in place not only by karma, but by ownership signatures, or the distorted tones of creation that emanate through the current thought-form of the current human dilemma. Inherent in such ownership signatures is the ability to transport chi or information from one embodiment to another. Such signatures are indeed a distortion that came to be upon the original tones of creation as they were seeded upon Earth, or the Language of Light. As initiates replace each ownership signature with the new tones of creation, or Language of Light, one layer at a time, the cords dissolve and the karmic debt is released simultaneously. The release of karma is directly related to forgiveness, which is the pink ray that runs throughout many tones within the Language of Light. Forgiveness dissolves all karma and debt in the greater understanding of the lesson learned.
Transcending Ownership and Possession (2000)

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